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    koushik is great. I've been waiting for a proper full length and this didn't disappoint! his fuzzy sound is superb!! Vocals are cool, very different extremely heavy on the reverb!! If you have a turntable, the 7" he put out is quite nice. What's Around is simply one of the warmest beats ever!
  2. djobserv

    DJ Dusk's Rootdown Soundclash DVD

    It's a shame that Thes, Cut, and most likely Will I Am aren't getting anything from this. The sound quality is a bit rough and the 2 separate frames or whatever they're called are kind of annoying, but i guesss this is better than nothing.
  3. djobserv

    Post a picture of your setup

    back to the top! love these sort of threads
  4. djobserv

    Post a picture of your setup

    shitty camera phone quality, shitty speakers, just the essentials, gotta take a picture of my wax later no lighting in my closet haha, cant knock the serato, saves me when my needles break from excessive cutting.