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  1. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    some very fine people on both sides really
  2. The Needle Drop Weirdo

  3. Count Bass D

    dwight conroy farrell cannot be fucked with
  4. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    haha that'd be the day.
  5. DOOM

    I'm starting to doubt how much the back end sucks
  6. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    nah it's you that needs to stop
  7. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    lmao what the fuck has been going on with the boards lately. instrumental beats is that you?

    price is only gonna go up on eBay! damn scalpers

    these guys put out a "special" madvillainy rerelease at some point too right? maybe donuts too? anyone who got on those remember if there were any other purchasing options beyond subscription? somehow i doubt there will be, but 42 bucks plus shipping is fucked, that's more than the medicine show 3LPs were.
  10. MADLIB

    yeah can't find any info on flight to brazil, that'd be my choice as well. shame they didn't go with #6
  11. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    lmao i mean i'm not saying you're a nazi if you liked a vid or two of his, a lot of his stuff doesn't have anything to do with politics that's just that tim and eric rip off cringe humor stuff. but if you know anything about those guys they're the prototypical "gas chamber jokes are hilarious, blacks and jews are evil (we're joking! actually not)" alt right losers. if you look into his fan base you'll see that a lot of them are nazis or teens who think it's clever to pretend to be a nazi. it's only satire if you don't actually believe the shit you're joking about as for fantano i find him annoying as hell, but then i never like youtube reviewers
  12. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    i mean he'd probably be funny if he wasn't a literal nazi
  13. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    ^ this shit doesn't surprise me at all, always thought this guy was a piece of shit. big giveaway when he circle-jerked that sam hyde scumbag
  14. DOOM

    lmao this isn't our first rodeo with 7" box sets. pretty funny if you ask me
  15. DOOM

    nailed it. this is one of those killer DOOM verses I always forget about. chubb rock should have made a full album with prince paul. and doom. chubbdoom
  16. R.I.P Hugh Hefner

    lmao dude was KIND OF a creep though, in retrospect
  17. DOOM

    “It didn’t have to be a full album or what not to make a point." says Westside. “From MF DOOM and his management’s standpoint, it made a whole lot of sense and they’ve already thrown the respect at me." lol no refunds
  18. DOOM

    good stuff. i hope it was all a lie, been too long since the doompostors
  19. DOOM

    lmao the notion that adult swim initiated this whole thing without having all 15 tracks from DOOM is entertaining and comical but seems unlikely. i'm reserving judgement for now, but it does seem weird that the entire page is gone.
  20. DOOM

    next week, The Mic Sounds Nice?
  21. DOOM

    what's the difference other than no JJ? villain strikes again
  22. MF Doom Challenge

    lmao but do you really think people are gonna say you're better than DOOM?
  23. what are you listening to?

    ^ that's what's good
  24. DOOM

    lmao i guess i never put it together in seven years that this was actually a vik vaughn track, despite the clear vik shoutouts in it. wish we could get actual official track names, but that seems to be done with next week we get sorcerers or something
  25. Politics and Current Events

    haha yeah gotta agree, the man has literally said humans don't have an inherent right to masturbate. so fuck him for that in addition to all the other things too. and anything that brings back the ted cruz is the zodiac killer meme is good in my book