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    so i wonder what the legalities of pressing up 420 Chalice All-Stars and Flight to Brazil are? I thought the whole point of only selling the even # MMS's as CDs without track lists or credits was to avoid legal hassle. though I guess they're still being manufactured and sold to this day without concern. has it just been long enough without lawsuit or cease and desist that everyone feels comfortable pressing a limited run? VMP has a (relatively) big following, but i guess it's just a calculated risk? or is it better to just not even mention it

    flight to brazil vinyl is up for sale on rappcats. 25 bucks. just copped one. $15 to ship. shit nearly doubles the price. it's insane to me. literally the most prohibitive aspect of rappcats to me. I routinely see something great there, add it to my cart, balk at the huge price increase at checkout and say fuck it i'm not gonna buy. but for the madlib...
  4. DOOM

    yeah could not believe this. can't imagine what he's going through, gotta wonder how it happened. DOOM must be/have been a real fun dad. i kept thinking about those pictures above, too. only time i recall seeing photos of the kid
  5. Politics and Current Events

    you can tell just by looking at their faces these guys aren't concerned about the guillotine at all. that's what's wrong with politics these days
  6. Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    lmao hol' up was that an anti-vaccination rhyme in there
  7. R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    yeah i dunno so much about the state's authority to kill people, no matter their crimes. particularly when, as fungus says, it doesn't effect much of anything anyway. call me crazy but i'd rather pay manson's way

    SO good
  9. overrated rapper list

    lmao who the fuck said guru
  10. DOOM

  11. Wayniac Mondays

    is good shit
  12. Wayniac Mondays

    lol very supportive
  13. Wayniac Mondays

    solidarity wayniac. congrats on all the progress!
  14. MADLIB

    hell yeah let the 3 year, 5-single rollout begin!!
  15. what are you listening to?