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  1. Jaylib526

    Make'em NV

  2. Jaylib526

    Fav. Guilty Simpson line..

    "..put a hole through the horse on your polo hat / and leave the sh*t smokin where the logo at / and the witnesses wont tell the po-po jack" "I sit on the end at the movies and let my feet stick out / any n***a with a problem get his teeth chipped out / f*** around and get your fleet picked out / my nina ross is like window defrost when this heat kick out" O____O "..its a fact you gon' bleed / when I leave your ass wetter than a saxaphone reed" " b***hes that dont put out get put out the room.." ROFLLLL
  3. Jaylib526

    Solillaquists Of Sound ft/ Ma Dukes, J-Live, & Chali 2na

    MAN I wish I could do something to help in a major way. Fund raiser..SOMETHING! Good job to the people who recognized her situation and reached out to help. I hope it helps her out a lot.
  4. Jaylib526

    Favorite all time madlib Beat

    MHBs... Fancy Clown Money Folder Spanish Bells (High Dreams) Payback Jazz Cats (John Coltrane up in my headphones.....) Mystic Bounce The Official Low Class Conspiracy Changes Theres too many to name but their all in my head..
  5. Jaylib526

    Make'em NV

    I have the OG version on Vinyl AND the re-release. Its EXTRA. How does Gangsta even make sense? Please give the definition of "Gangsta Percussion"... Thats right there is none! Its Extra. The G sound you THINK you hear is Dilla saying the K in LIKE. "Im in the booth chain swingin soundin liKe EXTRA percussion..." Ive had many battles like these with my cousin thinking someone says one thing, and its CLEARLY something else..
  6. Jaylib526

    PBW Metal Mix

  7. Jaylib526

    Make'em NV

    Its definetly Extra. You dont hear the "ang" in gangsta at all in that line if you listen really closely.
  8. Jaylib526

    PBW has to dj at my house.

    I HIGHLY doubt anyone will be getting Wolf to DJ at their house. It would be nice though..get some tips and whatnot
  9. Jaylib526


    I hope they make their way near me again. I missed it the last time.
  10. Jaylib526

    new DOOM mixtape

    I'll most likely just check out the DOOM tracks. Not wasting time with Wayne, T-Pain and all those pathetic people. LuvBunz that avy is crazy...
  11. Jaylib526

    Favorite all time madlib Beat

    Too many gems to pick just ONE. But as far as favorites...No particular order Hityawitdat McNasty Filth The Official Dakota (YNQ Track) Accordian Money Folder Pyramids (Change) The Payback The Show (Liberation Track) Slims Return Understanding (Comprehension) One Beer Champion Sound The list would be longer, but I cant think of them all right now..
  12. Jaylib526

    Ebay= evil people making money

    ^ No he has to sign for the item. Delivery Confirmation. Or a tracking number solves the case. I ALWAYS used a tracking number when sending stuff, and if I was waiting for something I would request the tracking number. It really does help. You cant say you didnt get it because you and the seller can check the status of the package on the USPS website.
  13. Jaylib526

    Thank You Jay Dee Act 3

    I didnt know they bumped it up??! I still have the first version..its a bit low, but its not too bad. The other podcasts are fine..
  14. Jaylib526

    Enter the Dill Cosby Suite

    I HAVE to get this!!!!!!!!! Madlib the badkid!