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  1. MellowYouth

    what are you listening to?

  2. MellowYouth

    what are you listening to?
  3. MellowYouth

    STBB#570 VOTE

    apologies for the delay in the archive blog and playlist, but everything is up to date ATM - winners archive blog i started in 2010 that archives all the winning beats on SC, starting from most recent to oldest - winners playlist i started in 2013 that collects all the winning beats on SC, starting from most recent to oldest - started these yearly mixtapes back in 2012, to showcase what the beat battles are all about. over 40 beats per mix, with 1 winning beat per person, all beatmatched/mixed together to bump in your system of choice. this is the most recent yearly mixtape, vol 6
  4. MellowYouth

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    ill post this in its own thread soon, just wanted yall to see/listen hope everyone's doing alright!
  5. MellowYouth

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    round 6 of the yearly mixtapes is complete! over 40 of the past champ's beats, mixed together by yours truly. some old, some new, but all beat-matched with skits and interludes. every year provides a challenge to create new music and listening to all the winning tracks is always inspiring. Big shout out to everybody involved with the beat battles that keep things moving. i truly enjoy making music and especially sharing these mixes with you. i dont get to participate in the battles as much as i used to, but best believe these will keep going! --------------- TRACKLIST --------------- 1 sam knockz 2 dtunez 3 el. 4 genee 5 mfakka 6 donutproducer 7 mnstrmkk 8 sim 9 julian convex 10 wavy bagels 11 sixfingerz 12 mawakening pt1 13 2n!te 14 constrobuz 15 the wolf 16 per.du 17 robot orchestra 18 fatvonfree 19 koaraktor 20 scottie royal 21 ras dude 22 mazeone 23 beatfux 24 linkrust 25 slanteyez 26 defmute 27 hobgoblin 28 kowalzki 29 joagymshoe 30 billinski 31 sol sauvage 32 fredson jacobs pt1 33 cole smithers 34 mawakening pt2 35 saadyah tzvi X banizzz smooth 36 elanvital 37 fredson jacobs pt2 38 the jackal 39 setta 40 mellowyouth 41 kris van huystee * lady in the radiator
  6. MellowYouth

    Member Komplikated passed away rip

    sorry to hear about this. i definitely remember the dude, and feel like all the beatmakers from the boards are an extended family
  7. MellowYouth


    noticed the 'winner's blog' was left out of the vote thread THIS has been updated, as well as the winner's playlist, which holds all the soundcloud beat battles wins, now 191 - 523
  8. MellowYouth

    STBB 514-517 'The Lost Battles'

    thanks @5XVT !
  9. MellowYouth


    constrobuz is hands down one of the best producers on these message boards. dude has a mad catalog of beats that are outstanding and i honestly hold him in a celebrity status, as far as beat makers are concerned. he has proven year after year that hes knows what the fuck hes doing with a sampler and is in that 'top of the class' of music makers
  10. MellowYouth


    that phil schnieder video is pretty wild, the way the dude died is pretty crazy too. found dead in his apartment after doing a bunch of speeches in the 90s, with the piano wire still around his neck, mafia execution style. ------------------------ to switch gears, the whole background about scientology and L ron hubbards kids is pretty wild stuff as well. you guys know who ronald dewolf is? or his brother quentin hubbard? well, that last name should ring a bell, and yes, both quentin and ronald dewolf were both l ron hubbards kids. ronald dewolf was actually named L ron hubbard jr, but after years of living under his father regime, he decided to change his name to ronald dewolf... quentin hubbard died in an apparent suicide after it was outed that he was a known homosexual. scientology views same sex relations as "sexual pervert" and "quite ill physically. quoting wikipedia, "L. Ron Hubbard is said to have deteriorated rapidly after Quentin's death, becoming disheveled and increasingly paranoid." this stuff about his kids wasnt covered in 'going clear' and ultimately what im wondering is if ill see the downfall of scientology in my lifetime. david ike has already changed his views about the shape changing lizard people and im wondering if the global communication that is "the internet" will one day bring down the popular religion for celebrities
  11. MellowYouth

    SP Repairs?

    roland/boss service centers in denver: MUSICIANS CUSTOM ELE 1559 S BROADWAY DENVER, CO 80210 (303) 668-2122 • Carry-in service on Roland and BOSS products ELITE SOUND 3535 S PLATTE RIVER DR #A ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 (303) 781-6667 • Carry-in service on Roland and BOSS products KEYBOARD WORKS 1950 DOPPLER ST STRASBURG, CO 80136 (303) 887-7889 • Carry-in service on Roland and BOSS products • In-home service on eligible Roland home pianos roland/boss service centers in california: check the link, theres a bunch
  12. MellowYouth

    SP Repairs?

    i definitely think you could unsolder and resolder 3 contacts. that replacement will fix the 303. the 404 is going to be the more expensive project. but, if you dont want to mess with unscrewing and putting everything back together, either hit up maddmann or check out a roland service center -------------------------- or, kinda expensive, send it in to the main service center in ontario CA "Once received, our service technicians will inspect your product and contact you with an estimate of the repair costs. Our shop rate for Roland and BOSS products—other than Compact and Twin pedals—is $80.00 per hour (billed in 15-minute increments). For BOSS Compact and Twin pedals, our shop rate is $40.00 per hour (billed in 15-minute increments). Please note that a $25.00 bench fee plus return freight costs will be assessed if you do not proceed with the repair, or if a unit is received and no problem is found by our technicians."
  13. MellowYouth

    what are you listening to?

    Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back ------------------------------------ Kid Koala - Moon River (2006) Live i remember watching that kid koala routine before youtube was around. still gives me the feels ------------------------------------
  14. MellowYouth

    SP Repairs?

    as far as the sp303 pot going bad, that is a common issue and can replaced with this potentiometer - the guy who repaired yours the first time just soldered the contacts back together, but the actual pot is bad and needs to be replaced ----------------------------- and as far as the 404sx not powering up, that is more than likely a faulty capacitor issue, from someone trying to use a 3rd party AC adapter and not the original... or a faulty OS and needs to be re-flashed by roland (gotta send it in)
  15. MellowYouth

    DAW Discussion

    I graduated with a BS in Audio Production. & Yes, you need to know how to use Pro Tools if you're going to work in a professional studio with boutique audio gear. Most bedroom producers use Logic or Reason (I've heard FlyLo actually switched to Reason a while ago), but if you're recording actual live bands, Pro Tools is the leader, and has been for yeeaarrrss. Also, learning how to use a patchbay, proper mic technique, & use of mixers/hardware is essential. But honestly, if you understand a DAW well enough, you can use anything