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  1. Knxwledge

    i dunno man, 25 for the tee, 25 for the 2xlp, 25 for the art print. nothing bloated or commodified about that. It's not a $4,000 pair of quas nikes ffs.
  2. Knxwledge

    Beats by Knxwledge / Art by Gangster Doodles / Raps From Your Favourite MCs nuff said... ...i done hit the pre order button as a little xmas present to myself http://allcity.bandcamp.com/album/knxwledge-wraptaypes
  3. Marijuana

    About $50 from what I can tell. No idea if that's good shit or not, I just did a search and some of the dispensary menus came up. Doesn't look like there's much, if any choice though, all the dispensaries that had Rosin only had one variety. I'm having great fun going through my hash collection squeezing out rosin, but the best flavours have been from flowers once I worked out how to get a decent yield. Yield seems to be very strain dependent, some give loads, some almost nothing. Low Hiss, have you tried squishing bud yet, or is that not an option?
  4. Marijuana

    ...and he's right.
  5. Marijuana

    What a coincidence you pòsted this DC, I just popped in to say ROSIN IS THE SHIT! Everyone should try it. Clean pure tasty and strong. Fuck BHO. €50 on a hair straightener with digital temp control, I'm sorted. Been practicing for a little while, almost nobody here in Spain is doing this so I actually hosted a demonstration/workshop this past weekend at a local cannabis cup. Unfortunately they only got pics of the low quality stuff. Had really good fun tho. I think I must've given at least 50 people their first dab this weekend! Tbh I'm having trouble smoking/combusting weed/flower these days, after dabbing it all tastes burnt. I've spoilt myself.
  6. Knxwledge

    it was basically my summer/winter/spring soundtrack till the new album came out. Awesome sequencing. When I first heard it a few months back I was a bit underwhelmed myself. You just need to give those earworms a chance to nest in you brain. I think it's a dope album and now I have side d it's even better. Some great beats on there. Recently though I've been hooked on all his remixes. The latest few releases have been crazy good. Also worth checking his vimeo page.

    As I suspected, I just got a request from rappcats crew asking for $15 more for shipping. Hopefully this means I got one of the 100. Like GC90 I was having major trouble with the site running slow and had my first order cancelled 'cos it timed out on the paypal payment. Fingers crossed but I suppose I can wait till September if I really have to. That Trouble beat was from the unreleased Black Star track wasn't it?
  8. Knxwledge

    Yeah, I thought the same so I didn't even bother opening mine, I'm just happy listening to the dl while I'm waiting for the vinyl. Looks cool on my shelf though.

    That's what I thought, but I didn't get charged for shipping (usually about 25 bucks) so who knows, maybe it's the deal of the century.
  10. Knxwledge

  11. Knxwledge

    Thanks for the reassurance STBot, dunno what those crazee germans were on about anyway, fedex tried to deliver the LP yesterday but I was out. Gonna be a looooong ass weekend till I get to hear side D. On another note, what are the chances of ever seeing a vinyl pressing of Knx's Anthology? Needed!
  12. Best chill jazz records

    Super chill. Good call. Try Visions Of A New World and Expansions. Other chill jazz/funk stuff I like (off the top of my head): Norman Connors - Love From The Sun Geroge Duke - The Inner Source Weather Report s/t Zawinul s/t Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage & Speak Like A Child a lot of Ahmad Jamal records fit the chill category nicely. Good luck.
  13. Knxwledge

    btw I pre ordered the LP from hhv.de and now I get an email telling me delivery is delayed because the record label postponed the release. Whassupwitdatden? Has there been some production fuck-up? Do the European versions still get pressed up by PIAS? Or is it a case of hhv.de not pre-ordering enough copies to match demand? Long and short of it - will I ever get my hands on that vinyl? STBot?
  14. Knxwledge

    Hexual Sealings 9. Dope. Work ethic? I feel like he's a beatmaking cyborg... Listen, and understand! That Knxwledge is out there! He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are nodding your head.
  15. Knxwledge

    tee hee i fucking love vinyl exclusives. i get more pissed off with mp3 shit that ain't on vinyl, personally speaking. i been away for a minute, very happy to see this place is still as twat-intolerant as always, good work chaps, give him hell! I'm liking the new album anyway, and the last wrap tapes & hexual sealings too. dude has my ears in a big way.