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  1. OfficeTime8889

    what are you listening to?

    new Masta Killa album dropped today
  2. OfficeTime8889


    that Sean Price & DOOM track is fxcking flamessss
  3. OfficeTime8889


    didn't realize I needed the MV instrumentals until J. Rocc made a party out of them … WOW
  4. OfficeTime8889

    what are you listening to?

  5. OfficeTime8889

    The Needle Drop Weirdo

    ^ L O L
  6. OfficeTime8889

    Washed Out

    giving it a listen right now, and digging it. visuals are very, very cool. wasn't familiar w/ WO before this release; gonna have to familiarize gmyself w/ his (their?) catalog. definitely open to recommendations … "Time Off" and "Hard to Say Goodbye" are early favorites of mine.
  7. OfficeTime8889


    is there a DangerDOOM board? I only know of this deck …
  8. OfficeTime8889

    10 Years of Donuts (RIP J Dilla!)

    just made this observation: two tracks w/ voice messages featuring Dilla in one capacity or another; both released in 2006
  9. OfficeTime8889

    Any good rappers looking for beats?

    not this song in particular, but you sound like Danny Brown a little
  10. OfficeTime8889


    haven't spent much time on Bandcamp browsing before –– at least as much as I do on SoundCloud –– can you link to this top seller list? I'm assuming this'll be similar to SoundCloud's Top 50
  11. OfficeTime8889


    really odd, but a fortuitous error nonetheless. I'd go straight to the source –– –– in the future; there's a solid DD shirt bundled w/ the reissue
  12. OfficeTime8889

    Madlib the Rock Konducta

    crazy. there's virtually no vetting process when it comes to "new" releases and what outlets report. all it took was a glance @ Egon's Twitter page and ST's website to realize this mix was a farce. super wack …
  13. OfficeTime8889

    Madlib the Rock Konducta

    is this official or wa
  14. OfficeTime8889

    New (old) Dilla Beat Tape

    Hasn't ceased to amaze me how many posthumous Dilla projects there's been + the fact there's things we've all had access to for years that haven't surfaced officially yet is remarkable. I'm curious as to what the ideal posthumous Dilla project would be in your guys' eyes? We've all taken exception to, in one way or another, some of the posthumous releases. Is there a right way to release a posthumous record or would it be best to just leave a lone? Surely there's a balance, right?
  15. OfficeTime8889

    New (old) Dilla Beat Tape

    Would you think differently about the music itself if not for the fact you'd already heard + had access to it before their official release?