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  1. GLK be rapin' Oh shit
  2. GLK be rapin' Low End & Brainfeeder have distanced themselves from him. Crazy because he's practically LowEnd's house DJ If this is true, what a fucking asshole.
  3. DAW Discussion

    Ahhhh well then by all means. Logic is a powerful piece of software
  4. DAW Discussion

    bruh why don't you just add some ram to your computer?
  5. what are you listening to?

    classic at this point tbh
  6. DOOM

    Man it blows being a doom fan
  7. Politics and Current Events

    Don't support the NFL because 1. It's a multi billion dollar business with the highest athlete turnover rate of any sport, and it's actively attempting to discredit medical research saying its players are suffering long after leaving the league, and it provides one of the worst retirement plans of any sport, and the players also get paid less then any sport. This is all despite making significantly more money as a league then any other sport (which I'm sure will decline after these last few god awful seasons of junk football, yeah I still watch some games, nobody's perfect). 2. The NFL pushes a culture of painkiller abuse onto its players. It's common for team doctors to have a huge line of players at half-time they inject with irresponsible doses of drugs like toradol. Just Google NFL painkillers and you'll find a shitload of info. 3. The product is trash. The NFL broadcast experience is, literally, 75% commercial space. It's gotten worse every year since the 70s. Watching games, for me at least, is a painful experience. There's an average of 15 seconds of action every play. Almost every play is broken up now with a goddam commercial!!! Not to mention offensive lines are so trash and I'm a 9ers fan
  8. Funny Shit

    hmm mine might be cuban linx
  9. Politics and Current Events

    lol no. don't support the NFL. it's trash in so many ways
  10. DOOM

    the art with the computer code background you gonna be ok samples?
  11. Peeps still digging sample-based beats?

    it won't play in my DOS console. when i try to type "play "wak ass beat" it crashes and says "Error post this bullshit in the hype forum"
  12. DOOM

    wait is that not official?
  13. DOOM

    Artwork is cool at least..
  14. DOOM

    ^ pointless but noble
  15. Politics and Current Events

    lol i might have to create an alter ego called "Fap Hella" lol
  16. Politics and Current Events

  17. DOOM

    That Jay collab is straight heat, the gain on the flute is perfect haterz
  18. DOOM

    Ooooh shiiiitt is doom about to start doing coke rap and working with alc all the time???
  19. Politics and Current Events

    Bruh, I'm starting to get a bit nervous about this shit. I currently reside in SF which would be wiped clean off the map with a bomb like the one they claim to have tested
  20. Saving your music. WAV,FLAC,MP3?

    i just wanna add tho, its not like if you're sampling off some dusty ass dollar store record the dynamic range and sound quality is gonna be GOOD. hell, half (re: all) of you guys in here are probably squashing the living shit out of your mixes with compression and limiters anyway, so it's not like wavs vs mp3s are gonna magically make your shit a million times better sounding. i was just kidding earlier when i said wavs, it's all about your beats tbh. i would play a banging mixtape at 128 kbps and cringe like hell at some shit in wav that was wack. quality is super important if you're going to be sending your mixes to professional mixing and mastering studios though. if you're just a hobbyist making beats for fun you're wasting your hard drive space by saving your shit in these huge wav files
  21. Politics and Current Events

    we literally sniped the shit out of some dude on a wavy ass ocean from a mile away. you really think we can't kill this fucker without nukes? tbh i don't even think nukes are necessary unless they start launching out nukes themselves, in which case, goodbye north korea, it's been fun. but seriously, i've always wondered why we dont just storm those motherfuckers and take out their crazy ass leader. we tried and failed super bad in afghanistan, but it just seems.... easier with north korea. like, they have one crazy ass dude we have to worry about. we're not gonna get all stuck in a vietnam part two with them, just kill the boss and peace out
  22. DOOM

    lol "metal palm on ya mom's badunk-adunk"
  23. DOOM here it is if you haven't heard it. i hadn't; my gut was that jay killed the track... man that dude can spit, his rhythms are insane. doom has some great lines tho. is this not one of the hidden notebook rhymes?? this is just an adult swim single??
  24. Conspiracies

    oh, cool my bad
  25. Best of 2015

    best bball team of 2015: golden state