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  1. audio editing is definitely one of reason's weak points. but sampling and beat making in general, and probably mixing and mastering too, are all very strong. i don't know if you've tried flstudio or ableton, but those are both very well regarded as well. there's one called studio one that's new-ish, and apparently the workflow is like something of a cross between reason and ableton. to each his own! i kinda just randomly bought reason when i was a teenager and have stuck with it out of habit tbh
  2. That's true, the company that makes it didn't want to do vst support for a long ass time because they thought it was too buggy and unnecessary. That's why reason users are bugging out about it now. The thing that's cool about reason is that it's super fun to just shit out some random idea real quick. It's not protools, it doesn't want to be the most serious and professional thing ever, it wants to be fun to use and help you be creative
  3. lol it lags behind because you can't use for free as long?
  4. holy shit is madvillain delayed because of a scorned woman patent troll?????
  5. maybe it's a sign....................................................
  6. blue moon is coors, ballast point is corona, goose island is budweiser, lagunitas is heineken. lagunitas just went down recently which really hurts my heart because i'm from norcal. but it's a good thing too i guess. i'm sure as hell not drinking their shit anymore. i know it sounds trite, but drinking that shit is like listening to katy perry. we don't listen to that wack shit here, this is stmb.
  7. first thing: stop drinking all of those beers. switch to local beers made by small, private companies. buy beer from the folks who love to make good beer, not the folks who have to appease boards of directors and investors with bottom lines with their beer. you're in cali, try anchor california lager, the one i just mentioned. or north coast scrimshaw is a good crisp pils along the same lines as modelo. or RN sierra nevada has their wonderful seasonal called summerfest which is very very good
  8. ^dude comedy bang bang circa reggie watts is some great TV viewing
  9. and yes i am an alcoholic
  10. i've been crushing like... hundreds of these Anchor California Lagers recently. They go great with bourbon
  11. top 5: white producer edition 1. shadow 2. PBW 3. EL-P 4. Alchemist 5. Wayniac 6. Scott Storch
  12. they aight. they have some good songs. but classics? only to doom junkies
  13. IMO doom's only classic record is madvillainy (actually vaudeville villain is close too). He's hot on certain tracks, sure, but altogether his records are not really my favorites to listen to. Don't get me wrong, he's easily one of my favorite rappers, but that doesn't necessarily equate to having the best albums. His wit, his raw skill, and charisma are what I love about doom. His albums have questionable beat choices and major pacing issues for me though. With all that said, I definitely think he has it in him to make another classic
  14. every now and then i hear guts banging this super loud
  15. my bad it came out in 06 so i was 17. fun game!