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  1. what are you listening to?

    whew this ish crazy i'm hi af
  2. I'm here making Stones Throw relevant...

    99% sure this dude is mwboogie
  3. STBB#568 VOTE

    1. THE DELI this was quite possibly one of the illest beats i have ever heard 2. ⚁N!TƎ 3. Hoody
  4. DOOM

    Looks like the supervillain lost his son today. Broke my heart to hear. Condolences to the Dumile family
  5. DOOM

  6. my mind laid out in a waveform

    promotion goes in the hype forum esse
  7. Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    anyone have anymore high-res trane photos?

    man madlib is an underrated rapper imo
  9. Always 2 real

    how u been boogie?
  10. The Truth

    not this
  11. overrated rapper list

    ur out of your damn mind for putting 3k on this list
  12. MADLIB

    yeah i think it's a spring reverb, not sure what kind tho it's so lush.. just stumbled across this and had a laugh
  13. DOOM

  14. MADLIB

    4:03 in the budweiser set. he uses it in parts during the song that starts at 8:30 too. but he uses that reverb in his production a bunch too
  15. MADLIB

    anybody got some advice on how to make that intense crazy hall reverb madlib uses?