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  1. Grifty

    Submit your favourite STBB tracks

    ^^ that KomerzKlaus beat is ill but it's not the motown one i was thinking it was.... which one had the supremes acapella on it? anybody else recall? oh and Sugoi Sounds used to wreck these battles too back in the day, i wish i had some of his beats stored but i don't EDIT sugoi only has one beat on his SC, he used to fffkin WRECK these battles all the time tho, he definitely has some more fire-tracks than this one floating around. @buttaslick who was that one kid that won all those battles? his name was like munoz577 or something? he was young, and good that's about all i remember about him
  2. Grifty

    Submit your favourite STBB tracks

    Joa coming through with the requests! Thanks mang
  3. Grifty

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    ^^^^^ this, also, Shame is pretty much one of my top three beats by lib.
  4. Grifty

    Submit your favourite STBB tracks

    there was one by someone here... i think it had a motown acapella over it..... i think it was called "pac told me to fuck the world but i couldn't find its pussy". it was ill. i forgot who did it tho any old school battlers have any Goodwill tracks they could post up? that dude was iller than F oh man SFT had some killer battles too and Jondis.... does jondis still battle?
  5. Grifty


    wtf i sure as hell hope madlib doesn't have lupus or sum shit. rip jd
  6. Grifty

    what are you listening to?

  7. Grifty

    How did Knxwledge do this vocoding?

    eh, i think he's vocoding with a square wave synth or something with a lot of really harsh digital distortion like FM synthesis
  8. you should message a guy on youtube called STEEZYASFUCK, he would probably love to play your tracks could i cop a .zip DL?
  9. Grifty

    what are you listening to?

    for some reason revisiting this a lot:
  10. Grifty

    STBB winning App released

    what'd you write this in? you need help translating to java or c++? i want to get this on windows
  11. Grifty


    Damn these fucking ruled
  12. Grifty

    what are you listening to?

    They confirmed it was only 7 songs weeks ago. New ye and Cudi and Nas all gonna be the same way
  13. Grifty

    what are you listening to?

    hoo boi ye snapped with "come back baby"
  14. Grifty

    what are you listening to?

    old knx
  15. Grifty

    hey im new here

    on the other hand, if you just want to make beats that knock youtube is fine lol