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  1. Thread

    not this
  2. overrated rapper list

    ur out of your damn mind for putting 3k on this list

    yeah i think it's a spring reverb, not sure what kind tho it's so lush.. just stumbled across this and had a laugh
  4. DOOM


    4:03 in the budweiser set. he uses it in parts during the song that starts at 8:30 too. but he uses that reverb in his production a bunch too

    anybody got some advice on how to make that intense crazy hall reverb madlib uses?
  7. DOOM

    wtf has doom done to get sued???
  8. DOOM

    broking, just smoke some strong ass shhit and listen to in rainbows or hail to the thief. radiohead is stoner music imo
  9. DOOM

    lol i never knew who massive attack was (still haven't really ever listened to them) but who tf doesn't know who radiohead is?
  10. what are you listening to?

  11. Films

    I thought the score was cray, there's a super intense part in the middle/end with this repeating nasty growling synth drone that's nuts
  12. GLK be rapin' Oh shit
  13. GLK be rapin' Low End & Brainfeeder have distanced themselves from him. Crazy because he's practically LowEnd's house DJ If this is true, what a fucking asshole.
  14. DAW Discussion

    Ahhhh well then by all means. Logic is a powerful piece of software
  15. DAW Discussion

    bruh why don't you just add some ram to your computer?