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  1. DOOM

    Nice one dude, thanks 🙌
  2. DOOM

    Maybe someone could rip this from YouTube in case it is a leak. I'd do it myself but on mobile atm. Loving the extra rhymes on this.
  3. DOOM

    They took the snippets down. Did get a chance to hear them beforehand though. Sounds decent but always hard to get a good idea from snippets. Preordered from Getondown. Couldn't find a UK based seller & think they are the only way to buy so far. Feels unreal that we are getting this record. When Ka-Bang! came out I thought at the time that they should all do a full album together.
  4. DOOM

    Wow just seeing this news. It's actually been a crazy day for me in a not so good way. This was a massively welcome surprise to end today on a good note. I hope there's a UK site to preorder from as I don't want to fork out the inflated postage costs from the US nowadays.
  5. DOOM New DOOM produced Bishop Nehru album has a teaser video. Seems to be March for the release date which is pretty quick.
  6. DOOM

    This is good I like it. I like the odd vocal sample. This track kinda reminds me of Owl or Masquatch. Kinda in that lane for me on the first few listens.
  7. DOOM

    Power 106 put up a 20 min 'discover the samples' YT video on DOOM & it got immediately blocked due to sample issues. Habit of a lifetime 😂
  8. DOOM

    Some form of DOOM x Muggs collab on the way it seems. Tried to link the page but it's bugging out. On Muggs Instagram.
  9. DOOM

    Good find 4444. Sounds like a great relationship they had.
  10. DOOM

    His daughter has cerebral palsy too. Must make things difficult to juggle the music and real life. Wonder if his son had a life long issue or something happened suddenly.
  11. DOOM

    Yeah those pics were from a magazine article a few years ago. A few pics of them with RC cars. I wondered if it was that kid as that's the only one I've seen. Only 14. So sad. He's had a couple real heartbreaking losses.
  12. DOOM

    Whoa wtf? Where did you hear that? That's a real shame man. So sad to hear this. What a horrible thing to have to go through.
  13. DOOM What do we think about this? I know that vinyl came out, but could there be more tracks to come?
  14. DOOM

    Lol, what a joke. DOOM so shady 😂
  15. DOOM

    Seen those earlier today. Great stuff. Good to see those pics 👍 Anyone see this was upped recently: Different beat to the other tape most may be familiar with. Love it. More complex than the first beat.