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  1. DOOM

    If DOOM ever does release Essential Elements, which beat would you want to be on the first volume? For me it has to be Invisible Man from the John Robinson LP. Such an underrated beat...
  2. DOOM

    What are you referring to?
  3. DOOM

    Forgot about that 'It's all a lie' thing. I would be playing right into their hands with my disappointment if true πŸ˜‚ That was supposed to be track 7. Or maybe it was Notebook 7 which would be next week. Will soon see I guess.
  4. DOOM

    Think he says Turkish donner than sizzling. Another couple small changes. As 4444 says it's a different take, but what a joke. How can this be considered new in any reasonable sense. The Vik Vaughn track is excusable coz it was on that mixtape which not many will have heard. But this was a released track...wack sauce imo.
  5. DOOM

    A 'slight' remix of Pause Tape from Bookhead EP? Get the fuck outta here with that shit πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ What a joke. If this thing isn't becoming a master troll then I've got to say that I'm losing a bit of faith in DOOM to be honest.
  6. DOOM

    Next Notebook track in an hour. Really hope it's a new track, and not a "new" track. ...Although I'm still holding out for a high quality Just Blaze Radio Kookies 🀞
  7. DOOM

    Bit odd that's it's to do with legislation beginning 1997 and the doc is dated 2005 when he died in 93. This must get referenced in the new KMD album or something. I should really check to see if it got posted on the new KMD Official page on fb too. Edit: it is on that page as well. Could also be him applying to return to the USA. And there's a full familial family background check required as part of the process πŸ€”
  8. DOOM

    That would make sense to me. Fits with my theory DOOM had a request from an artist for a collab track and he wasn't happy with something, so submitted that verse as a troll. And it didn't make the cut (of course, lol) and it was his again to do with what he likes. Just kept the beat regardless coz he's a villain like that πŸ˜‚
  9. DOOM

    It's up on Adult Swim. YouTube as well. Check out Sun Tzu channel on there. imail called it this week with No Refunds. Can't believe that ended up as one of the tracks. However...This could mean that the full version of Saviour Beans could drop. Or even my most wanted 'Archie & Meathead'. Trying to see the silver linings πŸ˜‚
  10. DOOM

    On an official mixtape too, lol. Would have been much better giving us an HQ version of Kookies - the Just Blaze radio version.
  11. DOOM

    Can't believe they actually did use 'No Refunds' πŸ™ˆ What a waste.
  12. DOOM

    Hope it's the released track tomorrow. Seems like it would have been the plan for it to be at some point, to link in with the planned announcement.
  13. DOOM

    Good point 4444, that could definitely be one. Maybe even the 'Just Blaze Radio' version of Kookies as well.
  14. DOOM

    Going by other forums and sites this album is getting a lot of positive responses. Very positive in fact. I guess the featured track is one of the upcoming Missing Notebook Rhymes tracks and the news leaked early.
  15. DOOM

    The DOOM deluge keeps on coming. I'll taketh till the levee breaketh πŸ™Œ I'm not up on WSG...are we happy enough with this collab? Edit: Just checked him out on Spotify there. Sounds quite young, not mad at the flow though. Been burned with the Bishop Nehru before though πŸ˜‚One of his tracks uses a sample Madlib used on Pinata.