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  1. DOOM

    Seen those earlier today. Great stuff. Good to see those pics 👍 Anyone see this was upped recently: Different beat to the other tape most may be familiar with. Love it. More complex than the first beat.
  2. DOOM DOOM feature on new Dabrye album out in February. Track called 'Lil Mufukus'.
  3. DOOM Hope he has worked on his hooks...They were abysmal. I did enjoy NehruvianDOOM tbh, so fairly happy at this news. Om and Caskets were great tracks imo.
  4. DOOM

    Wow, just noticed this thread hit 250,000 views 😯 I started this thread as a JJ DOOM question in 2011, before it was re-titled DOOM to make it the main thread. Never thought it would hit quarter of a million views, lol.
  5. DOOM

    Author hits the nail on the head regarding the forced re-releases and cash grabs. Something has changed of late...I've seen more and more fans articulate that they've lost patience with DOOM and have written him off. Can't say I blame them really. Which is sad coming from such a big fan. I've still hope that he can come out of left field and deliver some quality albums. But if not, I'll be happy with what we already have. I just don't need 14 different versions of them 😂
  6. DOOM

    Yeah definitely feeling this track. High quality shit.
  7. DOOM

    If the missing notebooks was 'all a lie' does that then mean that the new KMD album is also a lie. It was announced as part of the missing notebooks, so it stands to reason that the 'all' in 'all a lie' can be attributed to Crack in Time as well as the series in general. Sad thought 🤔😞😂
  8. DOOM

    The track overall has grown on me. Probably also glad it's only two tracks now though. I don't see how they could make it work over a whole album incorporating some kind of theme. Too different stylistically I think.
  9. DOOM

    Great track, fleeting appearance though.
  10. DOOM

    I'm not all that bothered it isn't an album. Not really digging his voice. Seemed ok at first but it got old real quick.
  11. DOOM Full WestSideDOOM track is up. Its not an album. It's only gonna be two tracks.
  12. DOOM Comment from Adult Swim makes me think it's a troll even more.
  13. DOOM

    DOOM feature on IDK project:
  14. DOOM

    Also unlikely that they wouldn't post an update on Facebook or Twitter about it in the 5hrs since. Here's the cached page for this week showing the 'It's all a lie' track:
  15. DOOM

    404 is gone and now links directly to the AS music page...and no DOOM listed. They trolling. Better be a PR stunt all this bullshit 😂