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  1. Thought I'd share these two tracks with everyone. Had these digitally since around 2005 I think. The Melody remix is the best DOOM mash up I've heard.
  2. 👍 Yeah I think it's new lyrics too, but there's no original version available, only this remix that they added DOOM to. Interesting one to add to the list. Wonder how many ultra rarities that none of us are aware of exist. Got to be a couple out there.
  3. Literally never heard this till today...Was DOOMs lyric lifted from elsewhere or original? Can't say I recognise it to be honest.
  4. New DOOM feature on the new Sean Price album. Due August 8th 👍
  5. Nicely done. I'd say that would be the most difficult verse to transcribe.
  6. Yeah man. Always liked that blend...just seems to mesh almost perfectly
  7. Dunno why they didn't use the longer version of the instrumental to Lively Hood on the vocal track. Little change in the instrumental at 2:05 makes it more rounded in my opinion:
  8. Is it not most likely that this recording is owned by ST and Madlib released it through rappcats which he shouldn't have done?
  9. Confirmed to be a new track as it turns out, not Light Years. Can't wait for this one
  10. Keep meaning to post this...Here's the chick who speaks on the NehruvianDOOM track Caskets. Not the same audio but nice to know who it is;
  11. Just keep doing it if so. Throw all of them on eBay/discogs and make some money off it. Especially if the price is up. Urging all thugs
  12. Dunno what happened there lol. Must be something up with my phone. Dunno if anyone noticed my comment over on Reddit where is responded 48 times with "it's the time machine that vik uses" Spammed the hell outta that thread, lol
  13. For me I have to include NehruvianDOOM as it's labelled as a collaboration album, regardless of how it came about. DangerDOOM was a cash grab album and we all include that as a proper album, so I hold it to the same scrutiny. That's just me though. He definitely has a great track record for sure. JJ DOOM was decent as I said, but it lacked a certain something special for me. I rate it under Born Like This...I do have confidence he can release a great album...But like most of us, I fiend for the '03-'04 DOOM where he had no mis-steps. I've given up on new Madvillain, but the longer time goes on I wonder if DOOMStarks will ever come out. It worries me that he falls back on reissues or vinyl editions of releases that were only on CD or digital for his main source of revenue now. My hope is that he's getting those out of the way before releasing a bunch of great new material.
  14. Ok so a little talking point here...Do we think DOOM still has it in him to make another classic album? Born Like This was his last album I felt was up to his standard. JJ DOOM was decent but didn't hit the same high points and NehruvianDOOM was subpar apart from a couple of really good tracks imo. Rhyming wise there's been a lot of features recently. Some of these have been great (Iron Rose, Masking etc) but some others which lacked as many "Oh shit!!" moments as in the past. My personal hope is that he's been taking his time, perfecting his stuff and the answer to my question is a 'yes'. But curious to hear what you guys think.