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  1. Put it down to DOOM and Madlib not producing (releasing) much in the way of new stuff. Could the same be said about the label that hosts this board?
  2. nervous

    what are you listening to?

    Digging the new Gorillaz:
  3. nervous


    Yo, anyone know where that last bar at the end of the vid is from? "Lyrics, clear the pipes like Draino, witness pure hate like Spit going over Ramo..." Really dig the sound of this, maybe from the track with G Rap on the other side?
  4. nervous


    Anyone heard the track on the flip side with Kool G Rap or do we have to wait until the 12" gets a proper release? While there's some bitching going on here about the cost of this music, I gotta say one thing I like is how DOOM has worked with some of the greatest names in hip hop, like here with Muggs and G Rap, Wu Tang, Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, Kool Keith, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, etc. and new up and coming dudes too. Peace.
  5. nervous


    More bombs and a remix
  6. nervous


    If you're looking for new DOOMbeats, and some you might have heard before, there are a few on Bishop Nehru's latest album:
  7. nervous

    what are you listening to?

  8. nervous

    Kendrick Lamar Fanboys Unite!

  9. nervous

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs
  10. nervous


    Been waiting on this for the last year or so... Today's the day! What a mad week, new DOOM then the Shante film:
  11. nervous


  12. nervous


    Based on experience, I think you have to give any new record a few spins before opining. I remember I'm pretty sure it was on these here boards people saying "what is this?" when Born Like This first dropped. Everyone talks about instant classics, but there is a lot that comes out of multiple listens... That being said, I've only listened to a few tracks off the record and I am digging them a lot so far. On my way out now to hear it complete with headphones.
  13. nervous

    R.I.P. Craig Mack
  14. nervous


    Haven't we heard that instrumental before? Not that it's a bad one... Some more DOOM production coming out on new MC Paul Barman too: Dunno if it's new material until we hear it.
  15. nervous

    what are you listening to?

    New Sade