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  1. depletedsoul

    Ghettodes Looseys

    Because everyone has had it since the beginning of the year maybe?
  2. depletedsoul

    J DIlla's Last Beat?

    I dont know it but......i'm wondering, am i the only person around here that thinks Dilla was not god????
  3. depletedsoul

    Madvillain "Papermill"

  4. depletedsoul

    Madvillain "Papermill"

    Depends which sample your relating to?, there is the vocal, the guitar, the break, some keys, and then the harmonizing type vocal going through it, they are all lifted from different songs, to be honest i'm not 100% sure where the vocal came from but i'm pretty sure i know which records the break and the key sounds came from but i could be wrong as there are multiple artists who have replayed sections for other songs. Sounds confusing but then when has madlib been straight forw0rd.
  5. depletedsoul

    Madvillain "Papermill"

    Since when did that matter? nothing stops the DOOM. NOTHING!
  6. depletedsoul

    Madvillain "Papermill"

    I know the sample on this!!!!!, i can't tell you though, i'd probably get banned from the board.
  7. depletedsoul

    Madvillain "Papermill"

  8. depletedsoul

    Madvillain "Papermill"

    Someone has been watching Americas next top model lol!
  9. depletedsoul

    OJ Simpson

    Somebody should post a competition for designing a would have been cover!, with a little blank template so that everyone has the same size format, omg i'm a geek, could be cool though.
  10. depletedsoul

    OJ Simpson

    Same here, initially i wasn't that keen but after three or four listens i got it.
  11. depletedsoul

    ST: From Weird label to Trendy?

  12. depletedsoul

    Madlib, Peanutbutter Wolf & Planet Asia - Definition of Ill

    Sounds nice, dont sound out of sync to me? and sometimes it's nice to have a loose feel to a track, less robotic. Good job.
  13. depletedsoul

    Post a picture of your setup

  14. depletedsoul

    "The Red" Instrum. playing in O2 Advert on UK TV

    Understood but there is only a few ways this could happen right? either 02 used it and didn't consult anyone, or 02 approached ST who then approached the Williams and said look, big monies for everyone or 02 had somebody remake it completely? 02 were very clever on this one considering the cloudy history around the track and sample. Very bizarre.