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  1. STBB #576 VOTE

    First to Third in that Order: JoaGymshoe - Dope Rhymes and Delivery! Hungrym4n - Overall Dope Collage C.Syd Rafferty - That Build up! And a lot of other Dope Beats this week and yes too much snow remixes
  2. Nothing special this week
  3. Nice definately in this week because i'm exactly in that mood to produce dusty things now. Congrats Fat on the win, unfortunately i didn't have time to finish my beat on time
  4. STBB#572 VOTE

    1. GF Nella 2. Chillwill 3. FatvonFree and alot of other dope entries
  5. STBB #572

    Listen to my Entry here
  6. STBB #571 VOTE

    1. Sol Sauvage fresh chops and the dopest feel overall to my ears 2. CHILLWILL1013 good vibe short beat - i like it 3. DefMute dope Drum Pattern and also good Vibe 4. Kowalzki and Joagimshoe Collabo
  7. STBB #571

    heres my Take One Ideal And Congrats on the win Six!
  8. STBB#568 VOTE

    First: DefMute X Banizz Second: Pete Range Third: Soul-Jutsu and alot of other dope Beats
  9. STBB#568

    Listen here something chill
  10. STBB#535 VOTE

    1st Julian Convex 2nd FatvonFree 3rd Paul Bao didnt had the time to vote yesterday
  11. I already can hear some Beats to these Athmospheric tunes - congrats for the win SiM!
  12. STBB#534 VOTE

    Thanks for the Vote ChillWill
  13. STBB#534 VOTE

    1st SIM 2nd KVH 3rd SUPER SEN
  14. STBB 534

    all provided samples except Drums and Sounddesign