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  1. WaldoH


    what was that video that got B.O.B. to believe the earth was flat?
  2. WaldoH


  3. WaldoH


    Clearly the bottom right says NxWorries Yes Lawd album 2016
  4. WaldoH

    MADLIB. ROC Marciano. Mad Roc, need album

    & hand them a Pete Marriott demo?
  5. WaldoH

    God's Gift

    I couldn't sleep last night knowing this was coming today.
  6. WaldoH

    The Biggest Flop of Stones Throw History

    The correct answer was Chrome Canyon
  7. This is a forum to speculate, argue - and just basically bitch - about what you think is the biggest failed release of Stones Throw history. That record that no one bought or gave a fuck about even though the label promoted the shit out of it, and lost a ton of money, because they thought it would be the next fucking Madvillainy. That record that stops Peanut Butter Wolf from walking into the Stones Throw dungeon because every time he sees the record, and its thousands of unsold duplicates, it makes him want to fucking kill himself. That record that, after being released, forced this label to seriously sit back and reevaluate its business model and the process it goes through in releasing a project.
  8. WaldoH


    He is the retarded ginger kid working at the bike shop.
  9. WaldoH


    Yea, I wish Pete Marriott would have mastered it, produced it and rapped on it.
  10. WaldoH


    I don't have one but I'm pretty sure its easier than it looks. Try just lifting up the clear case instead of trying to open the whole thing like a gate fold.
  11. WaldoH

    LA People on DRIP...

    What is Stones Throw 56 crew?
  12. WaldoH

    Most Inspirational Track

  13. WaldoH

    Not too happy about sound of purchase

    http://www.discogs.com/Stezo-feat-Dooley-O-Piece-Of-The-Pie/release/633959 http://www.discogs.com/Koushik-The-Hip-Hop-Remixes/release/516332