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  1. What's good to watch these days

    I thought it was fun, would watch the sequel. Just binged Dark on Netflix over the holiday. Holy shit it was amazing. Watch in German with English subtitles for max experience. Cinematography, acting, story-telling, and soundtrack all very strong.
  2. MF Doom Challenge

    My honest opinion. Great rap on your part, only thing is you took the EXACT pattern and rhyme scheme he made. You took his EXACT formula and just changed the words. You rhymed in the exact spots he did, used the exact same amount of syllables, and when doom rhymes like 4-5 words in a row, you did that in the exact same spot. Spiritually it's very close to Weird Al. It would honestly be much more impressive to hear you spit over a beat that DOOM hasn't touched, and then "bite" the style without it being a straight copy. Rhymes are hot, it's just that it feels like a middle-schooler that tweaked some lyrics to a song and claimed it's their own. It's not really an emulation, it's more of a blatant rip-off. Does this make sense?