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  1. orchidthegreat

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    Interesting take, I really don't like Nittyville, but several beats on Pinata are straight fire. Thuggin, Knicks, Lakers, and Scarface are top-level Madlib beats IMO. Some average tracks in there sure, but WAY better than Nittyville overall.
  2. orchidthegreat

    What's good to watch these days

    I thought it was fun, would watch the sequel. Just binged Dark on Netflix over the holiday. Holy shit it was amazing. Watch in German with English subtitles for max experience. Cinematography, acting, story-telling, and soundtrack all very strong.
  3. orchidthegreat

    MF Doom Challenge

    My honest opinion. Great rap on your part, only thing is you took the EXACT pattern and rhyme scheme he made. You took his EXACT formula and just changed the words. You rhymed in the exact spots he did, used the exact same amount of syllables, and when doom rhymes like 4-5 words in a row, you did that in the exact same spot. Spiritually it's very close to Weird Al. It would honestly be much more impressive to hear you spit over a beat that DOOM hasn't touched, and then "bite" the style without it being a straight copy. Rhymes are hot, it's just that it feels like a middle-schooler that tweaked some lyrics to a song and claimed it's their own. It's not really an emulation, it's more of a blatant rip-off. Does this make sense?
  4. orchidthegreat

    Record Stores

    In Portland hit Crossroads Music, actually just moved and haven't checked the new location 8112 SE Foster Portland, Oregon, OR 97206 It is by far the best in town for records, not even close. I would go as far to say I've never been to a better record spot on the West coast outside of LA.
  5. orchidthegreat

    Snakes out now!

    Though this thread was going to be asking for dickpics...
  6. orchidthegreat

    Madvillain - Avalanche Removed Again??

    The attorney on the filing is Stacy Epps, an artist and intellectual properties attorney from SoCal. Isn't that the same chick on 'Eye'?
  7. orchidthegreat


    @Professor Coneyack Balvenie Caribbean the only scotch I've got right now, saving that ish for good ass days. I've noticed I like a lot of Speysides because they all taste pretty sweet. Glenlivet Nadurra one of my favorites so far with that Balvenie. The real smoky ones just don't sit as well in my gut, thought Lagavulin was pretty over hyped.
  8. orchidthegreat


    I switched to whiskies, favorite is Scotch. Anyone?
  9. orchidthegreat


    Definitely. I was hoping for some new jazziness like on You're Dead, Thundercat crushed on that album. The feeling I get when I listen to Drunk is, "we've been here before". I suppose I don't need jazz but I was hoping for some tracks that walk the line a bit more, fuse some other elements perhaps, give me one of those "oh shit" moments where someone impresses me with originality. Seems uninspired and some of the song-writing is utter rubbish. Was I really high or was he actually meowing at me?
  10. orchidthegreat


    Pretty pumped for the album, to be honest, only got into him because of the FlyLo production. His debut was super dope, didn't like Apocalypse as much but like that EP from a year or two back. Avoided all the singles on Drunk so I can have it all hit me on the first listen.
  11. orchidthegreat


    I saw a Yeti once in my backyard
  12. orchidthegreat

    Video Games

    I did. I actually like NMS because I didn't get too sucked in to the hype, just personally a space-nerd and love simply flying around and looking at stuff when I'm baked. Great colors and a great soundtrack, but lately I'm all about Fallout 4. Never really got into RPGs before, but I'm also liking Skyrim remastered, any other good ones I should check out?
  13. orchidthegreat

    Rick and Morty

  14. orchidthegreat


    Dressed like he's trying to kill some Jedi
  15. orchidthegreat

    What's good to watch these days

    I know I'm late but Stranger Things mos def 10/10