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  1. D'MosPhree

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    Egon gave a shout out to Dave Cooley on twitter so I figured it was him
  2. D'MosPhree

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    I've really been digging the album and can't wait to get the LP. "Uno", "Thuggin" and the first part of "Real" are my favorite tracks at this point. " PiƱata" should have just been Gibbs as stated above and I'm not really feeling Danny Brown on "High", he kinda kills the mood for me. Also did anyone else catch the Lil Wayne diss on Uno?
  3. D'MosPhree

    Homeboy Sandman

    Yeah I was thinking about the sugar and bone thing after I made my last post, for me that's is a bigger issue than the cross contamination of milk. I checked out that White Sands Ep and it has some nice tracks up there, I really like Echoes and The Butcher. Is there anything else y'all would recommend?
  4. D'MosPhree

    Homeboy Sandman

    I didn't know that oreos weren't vegan, last time I checked the packaging I don't think I saw the traces of milk thing. I dot eat them anyway, those things got way too much sugar. I still haven't gave Sandman a proper listen, I guess I'll check out this White Sands joint.
  5. D'MosPhree

    what are you listening to?

  6. D'MosPhree

    ?uestlove Swift.fm "Sandwiches"

  7. D'MosPhree

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    I picked up some 12" records plus The Last Poets' Jazzoetry recently.
  8. D'MosPhree

    Spike Lee is looking for music ~ R&B and Rap

    It is those people who have worked to make these neighborhoods livable that are being forced out, these hipster cats aren't moving into areas where you hear gun shots on a daily basis and there is a crack head on every corner.
  9. D'MosPhree

    Who's Got GAS

    Justinguitar youtube videos help me out in the beginning. Like ODK said though, just keep at it, practice while your watching TV or just chilling on the couch.
  10. D'MosPhree

    Sorting your records....

    Here is the Expedit replacement, the Kallax. It uses less wood and helps Ikea comply with the Forest Stewardship Council eco guidelines.
  11. D'MosPhree

    DJ Setup

    The most I'm willing to spend on a controller is about $300.
  12. D'MosPhree

    DJ Setup

    I want to cop a DJ setup so I can put a mix on my projects and beat tapes. Right now I'm trying to figure out whether I should get a DJ controller like a Mixtrack Pro for now or should I go ahead and get some DD turntables. I really want to get some technics but money is tight right now and along with the turntables I will probably have to get a digital vinyl system to mix my projects. So my questions is would it be a waste time to go ahead and cop the Mixtrack Pro or would I be better off just saving up for the turntables and the DVS? My main concern is if I get the mixtrack I will have to relearn a bunch stuff and break bunch of habits once I get the turntables.
  13. D'MosPhree

    Who's Got GAS

    When it comes to guitars I'm pretty much a stratocaster man. I don't know why but nothing feels better than a good start to me, and I love the sound of single coils threw a good tube amp. It just has this raw element that I love. I had a Gibson '61 SG reissue but I ended playing my MIM strat a lot more. But I think I'm actually gonna get a Dj controller so I can start putting mixes together.
  14. D'MosPhree

    what are you listening to?

  15. D'MosPhree

    Who's Got GAS

    I feel you on that one. I've also been thinking about getting something else, maybe a guitar or just some old cheap synthesizer.