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  1. fANTOM

    Can anyone identify this Knxwledge remix?

    Thank you! Gold Pots is the track I've been looking for. And thanks to Knxwledge for the introduction to Westside Gunn. I was also able to find it on Soundcloud if anyone's interested.
  2. Knxwledge played this track during the Stones Throw Showcase at SXSW a couple of months ago. Was trying find it to purchase, but unless I'm overlooking it, it's not on any of his current releases. Anyone know anything about it and where I can find it? Here's a video clip:
  3. fANTOM

    Why ST artists release on labels besides ST?

    That reminds me... I recently purchased some stuff from (which I believe is Madlib's site) and PayPal showed that the payment went to Now-Again Records.
  4. Seems like more and more Stones Throw artists are releasing projects on various labels (i.e. Bang Ya Head, Madlib Invazion, Kash Roc, etc.) other than Stones Throw. Why is this? Are these labels affiliated with Stones Throw (like Now-Again)? Is there some kind of distribution deal going on? I see that Stones Throw still promotes a lot of these releases and sells them in their store.
  5. fANTOM

    New J DIlla album, The Diary

    Looks like the infamous MCA album is finally going to see the light of day: Here's the first single: https://soundcloud.c...s/jdilla-anthem (There was a Kanye West-produced version of this track circulating awhile back...this version is said to be produced by Dilla himself)
  6. fANTOM

    NEW Mayer Hawthorne track/video
  7. Why did Stones Throw use the DOOMSTARKS track Victory Laps on podcast #64? It's neither a Stones Throw track nor a Madvillain track. Was it a mistake? Was orginally intended for another project on ST? I thought the purpose of that particular podcast was to showcase upcoming ST projects. So how did this end up on Nature Sounds/Lex? Here's the clip from Stones Throw's YouTube channel.
  8. fANTOM

    Flying Lotus - Lovers Melt 2 Mix

    Get it while it's hot!
  9. fANTOM

    MF Doom In Houston,TX for Summerfes 2011t!!!

    Apparently he was dropped because he couldn't confirm if it would be him or an impostor.
  10. fANTOM

    Lootpack Toyota Commercial

    My bad for not doing my research. I saw it for the first time yesterday. Someone posted it on my Facebook page. I originally linked the YouTube video itself, but it appears that somebody (ST Bot, maybe?) changed my link to the Stones Throw URL. Either way, if you've seen it already, cool. If not, enjoy!
  11. fANTOM

    Lootpack Toyota Commercial

    Local television commercial featuring the Lootpack for Toyota of Oxnard.
  12. fANTOM

    Gary Wilson & Stones Throw?

    Damn...where have I been? I had no clue there was another one. I will have to check it out.
  13. fANTOM

    Gary Wilson & Stones Throw?

    I just saw that Gary Wilson had a new album out called "Electric Endicott" under a different record label. Is he no longer on Stones Throw? Gary Wilson - Electric Endicott
  14. June 4th and 5th!!!