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  1. Madvillain - Avalanche Removed Again??

    That is an excellent find there.
  2. What's good to watch these days

    Some dude from BET and some Asian lady with a Netflix special. Both of them did well. Chris Rock fucking killed it though. How was the Louie show?
  3. The Biggest Flop of Stones Throw History

    The struggle is real.
  4. Homeboy Sandman

    Veins wax came in the mail today. Kind of surprised the download cards aren't being included with this release. Is this going to be something we should expect with all the vinyls from here on out?
  5. NxWorries

    I wanted Mndsgn to remix at least a track or two...
  6. Homeboy Sandman

    New album is available now! Fuck yes.
  7. Wayniac Mondays

  8. What's good to watch these days

    He has one more planned to air on Netflix later this year. Chris Rock is also out touring again, I actually went to see him a few weeks ago in Denver and was lucky enough to sit in the fifth fucking row. His special is also scheduled to air on Netflix later this year.
  9. What's good to watch these days

    Ask and you shall receive lol. I watched 'em both but the second one definitely had more laughs. Kind of awkward watching a swoll Chappelle up there with the same skinny legs...
  10. Cringe-Worthy

    Seriously? No Cringe for 2017 yet? "Sad."
  11. Freddie Gibbs – Shadow of a Doubt

    Album cover is impeccable. Reminds me of Blu's from a few years back.
  12. Films

    Both versions are actually quite good imo but the 60's one is just great.
  13. Madvillain dropping at noon

    I've thought MV2 was the superior version since I first heard it. I was just glad they at least gave us the wax a few years back. If you don't have a copy I know I have an extra one in the collection.
  14. 10 Years of Donuts (RIP J Dilla!)

    I was jumping up and down when Chappelle dropped Dilla in his Intro on his new Netflix specials. The montage that accompanies it is dope as hell. I was wondering if anyone knew if the same cat who did the video for the ST 15 contest is the person who did this new intro for Chappelle. PBW/ST getting that Netflix cash!
  15. Any Karriem Riggins beat album info?

    Gotdamn! I found a copy of Common's Black America Again yesterday and it is the album I've been waiting for since Be dropped in '05. Mad props to K. Riggs for putting together a masterpiece! For those that don't know Riggins produced the whole record. With Glasper, Poyser, Bilal and the World Famous Beat Junkie J. Rocc on most of the tracks this is not one to sleep one. Here's to hoping Def Jam presses up the wax...