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  1. Kornell

    STBB #592 [spaced-out]

  2. Kornell

    STBB #591 VOTE

    1. MazeOne 2. Zifhang 3.K.Dvai Lots of cool stuff was posted!!!
  3. Kornell


    Hey everyone. It has definitely been a minute since I've made a post, but I've been wanting to get back at it for a while. There's lots of great tracks going on in here this week! Hope you guys like it
  4. Kornell

    STMB Beat Battle #130 Voting Thread

    Great sounds this week. Gotta give a shout to thedoctor46 for puttin some serious soul into his track. This week I gotta hand my vote to WIG for puttin so much depth into the creative cuts that he put together. dopeness!
  5. Kornell

    STMB Beat Battle #130

    Dropped. No time for a vid. I would totally be down to do that another week though.
  6. Kornell

    Beat Battle 129 VOTE THREAD

    It was tough voting this time with all the dope tracks that everyone put out. I gotta pick SFT for my vote. That jam was soulful and brought be back to some back in the day classic feelin.
  7. Kornell

    STMB Beat Battle 129

    Just Dropped mine
  8. Kornell

    STMB Beat Battle #128 Voting Thread

    A lot of good vibes going on! My vote goes to BSun Nice and clean with lots of energy
  9. Kornell

    STMB Beat Battle #128

    Just Dropped my Beat Thanks yall