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  1. Josh G

    Looking For Some JonWayne Releases?

    haha. I made the beats on that album; still makes me laugh that people occasionally wanna hear it. It's not very good, I can assure you. Three Musketeers which we did a bit later is a bit better.
  2. Josh G


    Mr Finch! Still terrorising people round here with you cynical charm I hope?!
  3. Josh G


    Wow so not many of the old heads eh? I might do one of the beat battles for old times sake.
  4. Josh G


    How do? Haven't been here in aaaaaaaaaaages... Where's all the old heads at?
  5. Josh G

    MED Confirms feature on Madvillain 2

    Although I couldn't really care less about the MV2 hype anymore, it does say "I'm on MV2"
  6. Josh G

    The Stepkids

  7. Josh G

    J Dilla: Still Shining Documentary [Full]

    Brazilian Groove (EWF) from Welcome 2 Detroit
  8. Josh G

    J Dilla: Still Shining Documentary [Full]

    Common - Nag Champa, from Like Water for Chocolate
  9. Josh G

    J Dilla: Still Shining Documentary [Full]

    Mmm it's ok, but I reckon there's a need for a proper docu on Dilla. Chronological, detailed and complete. If Dilla really is as important as people say (which I believe he is) then he and his legacy deserve it.
  10. Josh G

    The Stepkids

    So, Shadows on Behalf ( What's the cover/interpolation? I know the track but I can't put my finger on it!
  11. Josh G

    MED + Aloe Blacc! = Where I'm From

    Amazing. What a great track. Haven't been listening to much Hip Hop lately, but can't stop playing this. New MED album is gunna be cracking.
  12. Josh G

    Madlib Medicine Show #10: Black Soul

    Oh my the last track on the vid is lovely.
  13. Josh G

    Madlib made it on "Good Ass Job"

    Is this the album 'Lord. Lord, Lord' is from? That's not bad (uses a riff from Solstice), though Charlie Wilson's "Lord, Lord' Lord" bit at the end is interminable.
  14. Josh G

    Madlib Medicine Show #10: Black Soul

    Haha didn't notice that. And Unique - well, not always, and I don't really think that's relevant. Uniqueness doesn't mean a lot to someone not who knows nothing.
  15. Josh G

    MMS #8: Advanced Jazz !!!!!!!!!

    Definitely aint Miles. And Nobodaddy, you've never given jazz a chance, but a couple of Madlib releases were enough to turn you on to it? Sorry but I find that slightly odd.