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  1. STBB#567 VOTE

    3. Per.du 2. [KappaNeffect] 1. CHiLLWiLL1013
  2. STBB#567

    Yo What's good? Not my track mixing! So I tried again at mixing my track levels. Hahahaha Hopefully this is better, still to much Bass end???
  3. STBB#566 VOTE

    Yo what's good people? Some awesome flips this week plenty of heat! Going to go with. 3. Oskarr 2. Per.du 1. Kowalzki
  4. STBB#566

    Yo! Hi! Oi! What's good people, Dope sample this week, I have been slacking the last few months in the partaking of these beat battles. Struggling with time and life. Blah Blah Blah.... any how got round to making something tonight. it's now like quarter to 4 in the morning here in U.K. Time for bed.. Double flip what a trip! Peace.
  5. STBB # 558 - Klossa knapitatet

    YO! Yeah yeah yeah, Awesome sample. Swedish music is good. Real quick ting as I suck at chopping right now. Hahahaha Peace.
  6. STBB#556 VOTE

    Yo what's good people? ? Plenty of dope flips Lot's of style. Anyway here's my two pence piece worth of my vote this week. 3. tristaƱo 2. SWOOP-MAN 1. KappaNeffect Peace. Bitches.
  7. STBB#556

    Thanks for your words of encouragement JoaGymshoe, kappaNeffect and Supafly Arturro, I re-upload last weeks beat to my soundcloud page. So Yo People, what's good hope everyone has had a good week so far. I used the very obvious samples probably?? And some drums. Peace.
  8. STBB#556

    Congratulations on the win d3mut3, some nice samples as well, I listened to everyone's else tracks and just say to my self "Fuck it, I give up." No one wants to hear my whack beats. maybe I can keep my shit together this week and not pull my track down after uploading it. Anyhow enough of my BS. Peace.
  9. Yo people what's good? Here's this weeks flip from me, thought I would spice it up a bit with MF DOOM... Otherwise just the sample and some drums with some filter work going on. Peace.
  10. STBB #553 VOTE

    Yo people what's good? Damn the internet has been hard to access the last few days. Damn space weather and solar Strom's!! Its half two in the morning here in the UK, and I'm Stuck at work and they have blocked the Internet for social media! 3. chillwill 2. Per.du 1. Detritus Tabu3
  11. STBB #553

    Yo People! What's Good??? Awesome sample source this week, I also used some samples from the original Blade Runner film. Peace.
  12. STBB #551 VOTE

    YO YO YO! Plenty of dope tracks as always, everyone's work is hella strong and has plenty of style. Big ups. 3. SwoopMan 2. Farmer Dilo 1. Kowalzki Peace.

    Yeah Yeah! what's Cooking people? Again minimum time spent on the beat and so close to the dead line, Awesome samples, I gave it some Moxey flavour. (probably tastes like dog shit) Rice and Peas.
  14. STBB #550 VOTE

    Yo! what's good people? impresive amount of flips this week! plenty of hot stuff from everyone! Always hard to pick... 3. nick nick 2'2 2. KRYPTON 1. Lonius Peace.
  15. STBB #550 Harmony Week

    Oi! What's new people? Here's my poor performance at making a beat this week, sorry for the sheer lack of creative smoothness with the chords... Paz.