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  1. digitalpistol

    Looking for ghost producers !

    get at me dog
  2. digitalpistol

    Kendrick Lamar Fanboys Unite!

    kendrick lamar new album (not *damn)
  3. digitalpistol

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    drop this bandana asap plz im feelin dizzy /// ///
  4. digitalpistol

    Post your Photography

    some of my works..
  5. digitalpistol

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

    i think they had same sole jus diff tops
  6. digitalpistol

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

    just got these in my mail air shake ndestrukt sc 96 my grails
  7. digitalpistol

    jackson conti

    wanted to get the shirt so i tried to order from but the shippins more than the actual price psss i guess ill pick it up nexttime i stop by dustys..
  8. digitalpistol

    Sick Poster

  9. digitalpistol

    Jackson Conti podcast

    thanks for the head up thats some dope ass podcast does anybody know whats the song goes 'capoera..limato..'(?) i hear few diff versions of the song but still coulnt find out whats the original i assume its a real brasilian classic preach me and gimme some background on that track pls
  10. thread of the year here we should sticky this
  11. digitalpistol

    Post your art
  12. digitalpistol

    Metal Face fakes it AGAIN

    this one looks like sun ra maybe sun ra kidnapped doom to saturn and took his mask cus he wanted dooms power but he didnt know the lyrics to trigger the gamma energy?
  13. digitalpistol

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

    thats 12
  14. digitalpistol

    Chicago show this friday.

    i say percee P is the illest mc in ST he got that 90's ill flows kareem riggins on the drums was like whoa... lib always does that "where's quasimoto?" jokes cracks me out everytime i want pbs dvjs.. but they too expensive is it ok to post some video from the show?