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  1. get at me dog
  2. kendrick lamar new album (not *damn)
  3. drop this bandana asap plz im feelin dizzy /// ///

  5. some of my works..
  6. yea i think im gonna cop them my phone is busted and i need a new one. although i know people will crack it in one day but looks like they are only gonna work with at&t again.(bastards) but was there any cons since u have cracked ur iphones to work with t-mobile? or does t-mobile even have 3g service?
  8. i should start building a barrack so i can preserve my records..
  9. i done that last year with 3 of my frnds. if ur into art, try visitin mattress factory, and warhol museum.. there were some great galleries in downtown. with sound installations and laser installations. <-that was crazy not sure if still goin on prob not beside that, there were absolutely nothing to do. which was pretty fun
  10. i think they had same sole jus diff tops
  11. just got these in my mail air shake ndestrukt sc 96 my grails
  12. wanted to get the shirt so i tried to order from but the shippins more than the actual price psss i guess ill pick it up nexttime i stop by dustys..
  13. madvillany regulate..g funk era joao donato _ bad donato n.e.r.d. - in search of..
  14. neptunes goin wack for real..