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  1. J Dilla's "delights" 🤔
  2. booooo
  3. Seems legit.
  4. I'm ready for a new rock konducta album..
  5. What do yall think is the best Death Grips album?
  6. This record is really forward-thinking.
  7. Is Madlib producing?
  8. It's all about Beat Konducta in India.
  9. Somebody betta record that motherfucking shit.
  10. I'm def sleeping on those canned goods. Whatever that means.
  11. off-topic (from hip-hop) but this helado negro from last year was dope: https://heladonegro.bandcamp.com/album/private-energy
  12. yo yo whats up guys check out my rock project all brand-new shit hot off the presses music for the twlight zone shit https://polyanna.bandcamp.com/album/known-unknown-2
  13. Wow...glad the final version didn't end up like that. Wouldn't have been the same. Wildchild's verse was sick tho.
  14. Damn I always thought Madlib said "hit you up with loose structures." I like that better.
  15. Yo what's the mixer on the left? Looks pretty sweet.