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  1. DOOM

    Nice commodities.
  2. DOOM

    That Westside Gunn joint is gonna be ill.
  3. Politics and Current Events

    YO @Instrmntl Beats Could you stop?
  4. Nasimoto

    Thought this would be Milton Nascimento and Quasimoto. Oh well.
  5. Politics and Current Events

    I should say I totally support the removal of the statues. I just think that it points to much deeper problems. If we extrapolate on the way things are going now, eventual civil war seems like the only option. That's why I want to open the conversation to a broader discussion than just what the news reports, because with the trajectory we are on of polarization and division we are heading toward catastrophe.
  6. Politics and Current Events

    Sure, but having the government come in the dead of night and haul off the statues on trucks to avoid riots occurring is sweeping the problem under the carpet, not making progress toward unity.
  7. DOOM

    I just can't get excited about Doom's rhymes anymore. Seems he's said all he has to say...
  8. Politics and Current Events

    They'll put the statues in museums and the debate will rage on. Again: stone statues aren't our problem, it's people and systems.
  9. Politics and Current Events

    Every town in America has roads named after conquerors, rapists, enslavers, etc. We can take the down as many confederate monuments as we want but it won't erase the ugly history of humanity.
  10. MADLIB

  11. The Death of Soundcloud

    Bandcamp got shitty when they started turning it into a social app. Like no thanks I don't want to mix social media with discovering new music. Also the mobile app is garbage. Garbage. The fact that it stops after a single song and you have to queue the next song manually is a major flaw. The entire purpose behind sharing music on those platforms is so people will be able to easily listen to it.