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  1. 1stN3rd

    Attn: STMB updates

    ^Of course, but the next incarnation of STMB looks like it will be less tethered to Stones Throw records, so I'm just saying my piece.
  2. 1stN3rd

    Attn: STMB updates

    Since it looks like this'll be my last chance, can I just say... Shoutout to Jeff Jank for his work on Donuts. One of my favorite albums of all time. Spent countless hours cruising to it. Peace
  3. 1stN3rd


    Guess so. His shit's not getting as much press these days, probably cuz they're not getting released on Stones Throw. But also I'm more interested in the beats and jazz, out there shit.
  4. 1stN3rd


    Can't believe it's been like two years since any new Madlib stuff dropped. Wonder why he's laying so low....
  5. 1stN3rd

    Once up on a time? I threw a CD out the window

    This is some weird shit.
  6. 1stN3rd

    Dilla's MPC on the National Mall

    ^Diddy in the role of J Dilla's ghost.
  7. 1stN3rd

    Dilla's MPC on the National Mall

    Who tryna heist it?
  8. 1stN3rd


    Word on the street is there are a bunch of beat konducta albums floating around the internet, just not under madlib's name.
  9. 1stN3rd


    Shit Madlib is the same way. Probably why MV2 has taken so long to materialize.
  10. 1stN3rd


  11. 1stN3rd

    knxwledge getting blatantly copied

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
  12. 1stN3rd

    The Needle Drop Weirdo

    Whatever bro....go ahead and purchase your sex island tickets and get lost.
  13. 1stN3rd

    The Needle Drop Weirdo

    Yes he's a nazi...which is why he made this video in Feb. 2017 roasting alt-right talking head Paul Joseph Watson
  14. 1stN3rd

    The Needle Drop Weirdo

    So the Fader is crucifying Fantano because he made fun of confirmed piece-of-trash rapper xxxtentacion? Sounds like a whole lotta nope to me.
  15. 1stN3rd


    Nice commodities.