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  1. durty finga

    Donuts Vinyl is just right

    This should never be the case as the spindle ("little peg") should spin with the platter. Most new records should fit very snug on the spindle! You must own a poor build turntable if the spindle is stationary against a rotating platter. Just think about it for a minute...
  2. durty finga

    Cut Chemist Work My Mind ST Home Page feature

    Probably not for me I had the exact same sentiment when amplified came out...and it never changed...dare I say it. I might sound a little harsh but I'm just trying to get people to discuss. It's not like cut chemist hasn't been heavily involved in numerous project that have a broader appeal than just underground hip hop. I love the rare 45, crazy scratching cut chemist much mor than the c&c music factory cut chemist!! Nothin but fun here!!
  3. durty finga

    Madlib Vs. Cut Chemist

    You kinda have a point there. And I gotta respect everybody's taste...still I think he is maaaaaad corny!! And I love this DVD mostly due to that battle. I'm laughing as I type this and think about will.i.am in tht battle!
  4. durty finga

    Cut Chemist Work My Mind ST Home Page feature

    I think I can help everyone understand what James is trying to say...let me flip a few switches here on the sarcasmitron 2005...here we go: i am quite fond of anything with mainstream appeal, and any artist with more than 1,000 fans is cool and rad and i like them. it is righteous to like both radio-friendly and underground hip-hop, especially when they try to mix--cut chemist is a cool guy because he made a song that sounds kind of like a radio-friendly version of another song i heard on the radio from an artist that i like because of his mainstream success, yah yah yeah! Sincerely, James frank with a period at the end
  5. durty finga

    Cut Chemist Work My Mind ST Home Page feature

    Oh wait...
  6. durty finga

    Cut Chemist Work My Mind ST Home Page feature

  7. durty finga

    Funny Shit

    Fuckin funny shit!
  8. durty finga

    Madlib Vs. Cut Chemist

    Ha you must be joking!! Funny as shit!!! Rocking what...an iMac and a midi contoller smashing one annoying note over and over. I watch that DVD just to laugh at the thes/will battle! The smiling glances towards fool(will)-are priceless. I think you can witness egon jrocc an rethmattic all laughing at that shit on the DVD.
  9. durty finga

    Cut Chemist Work My Mind ST Home Page feature

    Don't get me wrong I like chali and cut -I really just can't stand pop crossover hip hop that obviously was released to appeal to a more mainstream club crowd. Leave that shit to will.i.am. Fucking lame shit. But they can do what they want and deserve every penny they make off it...
  10. durty finga

    Blue Chips 2

    I think rare chandeliers blows em both away. Quite honestly Blue 2 is kinda weak...not even close to what I anticipated. But I got lotsa love for dude. And seeing him do this kinda shit only reinforces that!
  11. durty finga

    Cut Chemist Work My Mind ST Home Page feature

    Well chali 2nas' voice always sounds good but I would not go as far to say the verses are "sick". To me this sounds like some simple mass appeal music that stinks of something will.i.am would produce.
  12. durty finga

    Blue Chips 2

    You silly dude...but like I said people stopped hanging out over Bronson fan ship! Ghost and bronsalinio did a track together too! If I wer to compare the two of them I'd say Bronson is funnier, witty - er... And has way more personality than ghost. I mean who doesn't like weed women and food...and sick beats?
  13. durty finga

    Cut Chemist Work My Mind ST Home Page feature

    Does "ST home page feature" not give you enough info...bro?
  14. This track has some mean mainstream appeal. It seems Cut chemist has gone from groundbreaking turntablist to some nickelodeon friendly weak shit... Discuss? *not sure if this is ST related so put i it here
  15. durty finga

    Blue Chips 2

    That's what I'm saying...The delivery my sound similar to stubborn ears but...not even a ghost face clone.