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  1. T-Bear One8III

    The 1st time you heard Dilla?

    Labcabincalifornia. but i wasnt checking for production credits then, so i didnt even know it was dilla. i didnt even know who dilla was until fantastic vol. 2 dropped. ironically, around that time i had just started reading liner notes on all my albums.
  2. T-Bear One8III


    do you have to give up some credit card info to get the free download? cuz, im terrible at remembering to cancel those free trials. and i cant afford any more payments.
  3. T-Bear One8III

    madlibs montara

    shades of blue. on blue note.
  4. T-Bear One8III

    So I guess it's R.I.P Lootpack?

    soundpiece was my very first ST album. and the only reason why i bought it was becuase the cover caught my eye and i remember hearing lootpack on one of the alkaholiks albums. yeah, i too would love to have another lootpak LP. but soundpiece was such a classic, that a new joint just might not live up to our expectations. i could be wrong though...... please prove me wrong.
  5. T-Bear One8III

    Keep it ghe-tto w/ the plastic cup (pic)

    you know, i always pictured the red solo cups when he said that.
  6. T-Bear One8III

    Sounds like it's straight from the MF cassette (pic)

    i had a sony with mega bass. but i took it a step further. mines had auto reverse and am/fm radio.
  7. T-Bear One8III


    sandbox dont sell vinyl anymore?? damn, has it been that long since i've ordered from them. they used to be on point. about 4 or 5 years ago, i would make an order. and my wax would be on the door step in about a week. but then as time went by the longer it took to get my stuff. one time i ended up filling out an inquiry. but something was wrong with their system and it wouldnt go thru. so i printed the inquiry out and faxed it to them along with my email address. they ended up getting back to me within 24 hours. so yeah, their customer service sucks. but their selection was crazy. especially for 12"s.
  8. T-Bear One8III

    What was your 1st Stonesthrow Album

    mines was Lootpack soundpiece
  9. T-Bear One8III

    Assorted Donuts

    im listening to this now. is alright. some of the blends just didnt really fit at all. i think he could have hunted down some better acapellas to go over these beats. but its not total garbage. worth checking out.
  10. T-Bear One8III

    Madlib MURDERED that "The $" Remix!!

    im listening to this now. ugly. i gotta work this into the next mix i do. i just get to work and find this in my email this morning...... im geeked. imma be playing this all day. matta fact, im finna hit rewind right now!!
  11. T-Bear One8III

    Madlib at the Red Bull Music Academy

    http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/LECTURE...?act_session=47 yup, still up there. i just re-watched this one and OHNO's a few months ago. theres some other great lectures up there. check ?uestlove's, bob power, and amp fidlers lectures.
  12. T-Bear One8III

    Im new, help me learn

    the last time i actually bought cd's (only buy vinyl now), you could get all the stones throw releases at best buy.
  13. T-Bear One8III

    dudley and georgia - live on los marijuanos...

    nice. i agree, they could have did without all the "exclusives" though.
  14. T-Bear One8III

    Give the drummer some, cuz the drummer ain't had none in a long time

    yeah, stevie is bad. i think i read in an interview somewhere some time ago that stevie can play a variety of insturments. people mostly associate him with the keys and the harmonica. but i believe (correct me if im wrong) that there are some songs that he played every instrument himself.
  15. T-Bear One8III

    Obrigado Dilla

    nice one