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  1. Vilens

    Oh No Rhythm Roulette

    What up Sunny Meadowz. Oh No all day. Arguably best in the game for combing beats and rhymes.
  2. Vilens

    Kool G. Rap

    I think just about every East Coast rapper I've ever heard interviewed says G. Rap is the beginning middle and end. My hip hop knowledge is deep and through but with G. Rap i never knew where to start. Can anybody assist?
  3. Vilens

    OH NO+Alchemist GANGRENE

    Oh god don't bring up the Wonka beats. I want them so fucking badly and we'll never get them. 2 are up on Bandcamp here but I doubt we'll ever see them. I begged him to drop them and he laughed. ex...ex...excuse me Dr. Nooooooooo.
  4. Vilens

    The Professionals album finished

    I doubt it's done. Oh told me he was done with his portion. Maybe Madlib finished it and is sitting on it? Maybe he recorded 117 YNQ albums in the meantime? All guesses are equal at this point.
  5. Vilens

    Samiyam Wish You Were Here

    combined release. ST might be handling distro.
  6. Vilens

    OH NO+Alchemist GANGRENE

    BONUS: Not sure that it gets iller than this. I put it as a bonus because there is definitely a difference between Alc featuring Oh No and Gangrene. not to mention this is 3 DOPE AS ALL HELL tracks looped into one. If you're not up on this yet; you're welcome. "I was pleased when my penis was measured." - The god Roc Mars. [takes bow and exits thread for now]
  7. Vilens

    OH NO+Alchemist GANGRENE

    Stumbled upon this. I am ashamed as our local Oh No authority that I didn't get on this sooner. Also I consider myself well-versed in all-things Alchemist from the past 18 months. Before I contribute, it's worth noting that the track 'Run It' posted above may be one if not Gangrene illest shit. Michael Jackson on the beat of course. 1. I attempted to transcribe Oh's first few bars and gave up. Dude is so slept on as an MC. By the second album Alc had stepped up his bars significantly as well. 2. Not the illest shit off the Greneberg EP (Gangrene + Roc Marciano AKA Marcberg) but it 's the only track on there with all three dude's spitting. Best track on this EP would be .
  8. Vilens

    Samiyam Wish You Were Here

    I digress but am admittedly having difficulty locating the search function on the interface. Additionally that post you linked should have been posted in the Stones Throw sub section.
  9. Vilens

    The Professionals album finished

    Having chilled one on one with Oh No this past Friday I say to you all: Don't hold your breath. Oh, said he finished this shit mad long ago, and handed it over to Otis, and here we are. It was painful to hear Oh tell me how many full albums he's sitting on that weren't instrumental. Right now it has release date in the same month as the next Madvillain... (that is not a quote from anyone but me)
  10. Vilens

    Samiyam Wish You Were Here Sigh. I can't believe I had to step in and create this thread. There was a time on this message board when a SAMIYAM album/LP/cassette on ST would have been up on this message board even before ST announced it. To quote Jackie Treehorn "Regrettably, it's true. Standards have fallen in [hip-hop message board etiquette]." Admittedly the old guard such as myself, Meadowz, Buns, Primate, Liv haven't been as active in the past but damn. The ST section of STMB really needs some help. Seems all that we've been doing here is telling the new bloods to stop asking for samples and tracklists for the Medicine Shows. Madlib ain't the only guy on ST and y'all need to "diversify yo bonds." Having said this: this albums snippets are crazy. I was chatting with DJ Primate and I noticed that one of those beats "On a Bad Day" (the only one I recognized back from when Sam was last releasing music in 2010/2011) was at least 2 years old. It makes me question how much of this album is actually "new", maybe they're just dope beats he's giving to us an apology for the youtube mixtape he called his first album. Not complaining either way.
  11. Vilens

    Oh No Vs. Now-Again TWO...

    Heat all the way through, I chilled with Oh in NYC over the weekend. Expect to start hearing more beats, and less samples on more rappers' upcoming releases.
  12. Vilens

    Oh No & Alchemist score GTA V

    Folks. Oh is in NYC and will be performing the GTA score with Alchemist, Woody Johnson, Tangerine Dream, and an orchestra inside of a church! The afterparty is being DJed by Flying Lotus and Gilles Peterson (i'm not making this up http://www.filmlinc....yff-convergence ). I have already bought tickets to both events (Afterparty is open bar). I'm going to try and chill with Oh Knuckle. Hopefully I can update this thread: http://www.stonesthr...showtopic=19743 Shoutout to Sunny Meadowz
  13. Vilens

    Oh No & Alchemist score GTA V

    No, the score is a mix of beats and songs by Woody, Oh No, Alchemist, and Tangerine Dream. Shadow did "the layering" although I'm not sure what that means but I think he mixed it. Who knows.
  14. Vilens

    Oh No & Alchemist score GTA V

    Well GTA V is out. It's dope, we know this. Our friends Alan and Michael did the score for the game and I was wondering if some of you sleuths wanted to help me deduce which beats are Oh No beats? The soundtrack has been put on in 3 volumes. Volume 2 contains the amazing score. Let me know which beats you think Oh Knuckle is responsible for. EDIT: Here's your spotify link... Tangerine Dream – The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 2: The Score (I tried to embed or set it to automatically open the player but I cannot make sense of how to insert media via this newer UI STMB uses).
  15. Vilens

    Madlib - 100 Beats

    Check out J. Rocc's instagram. Wish I could hear this.