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  1. who the hell is Anika

    looks like someone else cant get enough of them derelix.
  2. DOOM and Madlib are jerks

    sorry maybe you should go buy some doom or some madlib.
  3. DOOM and Madlib are jerks

    seriously, this is the millionth thread, .
  4. J DIlla's Last Beat?

    enjoy the mans music and stop trippin.
  5. Is PBW ever going to put out new music?

    vinyl wieghs a ton is dope. big shots bonus is dope and straight to tape is ridiculous. id love to hear more wolf but as of now, i got plenty and still hunting.
  6. Redman on Quasimoto

    his reaction to joe pesci... priceless hhhhaaaaa
  7. Grand the Visitor (Homeliss Derilex) Demo ?

    wolf released mp3s on the site and im pretty sure vinyl is available but shipping must kill you
  8. Grand the Visitor (Homeliss Derilex) Demo ?

    you should check out straight to tape" the early production from pbw lot of dope tracks and dope mcs 40l8 hahha
  9. damn very interested
  10. We need some new DOOM....

    witty, ahem alright man listen i dont look at every thread like you so get off my sack.
  11. Grand the Visitor (Homeliss Derilex) Demo ?

    they released like 3 or 4 albums and several 12s. i think the most recent was 2005?
  12. We need some new DOOM....

    st isnt the only hiphop label and doom is not the only mc so get off the sack
  13. ST: From Weird label to Trendy?

    dude you fucking suck, all this cause youre mad about no mv2. you need a new hobby
  14. ST: From Weird label to Trendy?

    let them do their thing and stop wondering about it. youre not going to like everything, so just buy what you like and forget about anything you dont like.
  15. "The Red" Instrum. playing in O2 Advert on UK TV

    but the sampled artists refused to let them sample so that s why theres the remix on the rerelease of jaylib, so im pretty sure its not stonesthrow or yancey estate doing this. cause they already got caught.