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  1. clovis

    Whitefield Brothers

    Can't wait for it to show up...
  2. clovis

    Illa J-Yancey Boys

    Cool, can't wait to have it on wax.
  3. clovis

    Edan - The Humble Magnificent

    Saw Edan and PB Wolf at Knitting Factory not too long ago in NYC. Wonder if Edan will release anything on Stones Throw. Loved Beauty and the Beat. Also, when the hell is Count Bass D gonna drop another?
  4. clovis

    NEW DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Been waiting for something new to drop from MF Doom. Still loving Madvillian more than ever...
  5. clovis

    Illa J-Yancey Boys

    Is his mother getting any of the profits of these sales? Appreciated Stones Throw posting up the story about his family's issues with his estate. The Story. When's the vinyl edition coming out?