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    New track. On that chill lofi tip.

    All samples chopped & blended in the SP-808. Thanks for listening!
  2. The Count

    MC-307 + SP-808

    Yo! Sounds from a Roland MC-307 processed & arranged on an SP-808. Sinister vibes. Columbo’s Theme (2099). Thanks for listening!
  3. The Count

    New Track // MC-307 + SP-808

  4. The Count


    Yo! Entry below. Drums & bass from outside source samples.
  5. The Count

    Loops Have Feelings Too (Demo)

    This is a sick little album. Thx for sharing G!
  6. The Count

    Lofi instrumental hip hop!

  7. The Count

    Lofi instrumental hip hop!

  8. The Count


    Remus Diggin the fullness of that track.
  9. The Count


    Goonie. Didn't really feel like that Solow joint went anywhere.
  10. The Count

    Beatbattle 104 Voting Thread

    ... some crazy flips from this track. I was really feelin that Ken Cash joint, but how much of that was from the sample? Sounded like mad organs and horns... I'm gonna shit if that was all from the Madonna track... I know it doesn't have to be, but I'm just sayin. Feelin the electro jam put up by c-plee. Were those the drums from the break in the madonna track? Real nice. Kal-el also came with some dope sh*t. I like the use of the whistle chops in there. Jewbei - really hype track. Lovin the Q-tip sample. Goonie... cool laid back vibe. The people be lovin it. Gotta give it up to cplus!
  11. The Count

    Beatbattle 104 Voting Thread

    Yo fam... didn't get a chance to work on this til this morning. I just threw my late-ass track in the drop. Hopefully this isn't frowned upon, if so I apologize... just delete my file. I'm gonna give these all a listen and drop a vote in a couple hours. Peace.
  12. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_thecount_VS_goonietunez

    Well done Goonie. Best of luck in round 3 homie. Thanks to everyone who voted, and also big thanks for all the feedback.
  13. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_prc_VS_sertone

    PRC - really laid back... I'm feelin that vibe. Bassline really takes the back and serves to anchor the track well. While I think this beat is nice, it could've benefited from a bit more variation. Sertone - Nice use of effects. More of a song structure to it... this track goes somewhere and takes you along for the ride. Think it could've used a bit more in the hi-end range. On the parts where the effect is exaggerated you get more of a crisp hi-end peaking through. Nice track tho. Sertone
  14. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_justanotherdj_VS_thewigmaster

    This must be the Hubbard track... didn't get to listen to it in the other drop cause it fell victim to the anonymous a**hole. Wigmaster - Cool vibe to it. The instrumental chops seem disjointed the way they are laid down. Makes it hard to find a cohesive theme... the aired out bassline adds to that effect, imo. JADJ - I like the horns... and the song structure... but those levels. The loop on the main part of your tracks seems to be a bit short, or not quite to tempo... the drums that is. Hmmm... low levels aside, vote goes to JADJ Out of all the flips of this track, I think Remus did the original track the most justice... which is funny cause I just read his post above.
  15. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_liarx_VS_cralias

    Dope beat Cralias... definitely has a Prefuse vibe to it. You twisted up some really nice sounds out of that sample.
  16. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_thecount_VS_goonietunez

    Yeah, I thought about that.The beat is done in 3/4. Knowing that would detract from the approachability, I went with it anyway. Probably not the best idea for a battle, as you said... oh well. Live and learn. Thanks to everyone who's voted so far.
  17. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_coel_VS_sft

    Coel - Feelin the Lamont Bond theme. Nice heavy drop. Good groove and on point with the bass. Think the outtro could've been cut or faded out before Tracy starts singing the Bond theme, but on the whole this is a really dope track. SFT - Crazy with the synth... really nice. The variation with the effects is cool. Ends kindof abruptly tho. Both really dope tracks... tough call. I'm gonna go with Coel cause I liked the melody he pulled out of the sample... also gets thematic style points.
  18. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_sugoisounds_VS_djprimate

    Primate - Funny intro. Might have jelled with the track a bit better if the music came in under it... or if you gave it a delay that overlapped with the track. Nice chill groove tho, but I think it could've used a bit more variation. sugoisounds - damn! nice bassline. The panning on some of your chops seems to be either far left or far right... which kindof detracts a bit from the overall listening experience imho, but a very dope track regardless. Sugoi.
  19. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_uncleremus_VS_joshg

    Glad someone threw some Freddie Hub in the source tracks. Damn shame he passed... but his music definitely lives on. Two really different approaches here. From a musical and creative standpoint, I'd say you both did an excellent job. Josh G - Creative angle to come at this one from. Cool atmospheric jam. I like the fact that you went with this track even though it was a stretch outside the general hip hop genre... way to push the boundaries. Uncle Remus - Love the dusty jazz record feel this track has. I'm definitely feeling the justice done to the original track in keeping that in tact. As a big fan of Freddie Hubbard, I gotta give it up to Uncle Remus for keeping the vibe of the source track in there. Nicely done by both of you though.
  20. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_solow_VS_shashu

    Shash'U - Real sick collage to kick it off. I like the use of the vocals from the original track. The vocal chops you added fit well too. Definitely a slammin track. That kick/clap kindof turns me off from it tho. Solow - Classic hip hop sound. The synth fits well. Sounds pretty minimalist next to the track Shash'U put up, but I like that. Vote goes to Solow cause I find the track a bit easier to vibe with. Both really dope tracks tho. Well done!
  21. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_thecount_VS_goonietunez

    Waddup Goonie? Just upped my beat. I like what you did with this one homie... nice work. Two really different approaches.
  22. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_thecount_VS_goonietunez

    Hey man... just saw this in the main tourney thread and think our drop was one of the ones that got messed with. I'm just about done with my beat. Think I'm gonna check the levels one last time and then upload. Should have it up there sometime either tonight, or early tomorrow. Peace!
  23. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_thecount_VS_goonietunez

    damn homie... that was quick. I'm gonna wait til I finish mine to listen to it. Probably won't be posting til sometime over the weekend.