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  1. The Count

    New track. On that chill lofi tip.

    All samples chopped & blended in the SP-808. Thanks for listening!
  2. The Count

    MC-307 + SP-808

    Yo! Sounds from a Roland MC-307 processed & arranged on an SP-808. Sinister vibes. Columbo’s Theme (2099). Thanks for listening!
  3. The Count

    New Track // MC-307 + SP-808

  4. The Count


    Yo! Entry below. Drums & bass from outside source samples.
  5. The Count

    Loops Have Feelings Too (Demo)

    This is a sick little album. Thx for sharing G!
  6. The Count

    Lofi instrumental hip hop!

  7. The Count

    Lofi instrumental hip hop!

  8. The Count


    Remus Diggin the fullness of that track.
  9. The Count


    Goonie. Didn't really feel like that Solow joint went anywhere.
  10. The Count

    Beatbattle 104 Voting Thread

    ... some crazy flips from this track. I was really feelin that Ken Cash joint, but how much of that was from the sample? Sounded like mad organs and horns... I'm gonna shit if that was all from the Madonna track... I know it doesn't have to be, but I'm just sayin. Feelin the electro jam put up by c-plee. Were those the drums from the break in the madonna track? Real nice. Kal-el also came with some dope sh*t. I like the use of the whistle chops in there. Jewbei - really hype track. Lovin the Q-tip sample. Goonie... cool laid back vibe. The people be lovin it. Gotta give it up to cplus!
  11. The Count

    Beatbattle 104 Voting Thread

    Yo fam... didn't get a chance to work on this til this morning. I just threw my late-ass track in the drop. Hopefully this isn't frowned upon, if so I apologize... just delete my file. I'm gonna give these all a listen and drop a vote in a couple hours. Peace.
  12. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_thecount_VS_goonietunez

    Well done Goonie. Best of luck in round 3 homie. Thanks to everyone who voted, and also big thanks for all the feedback.
  13. The Count

    STMB Comp|R2|r2_prc_VS_sertone

    PRC - really laid back... I'm feelin that vibe. Bassline really takes the back and serves to anchor the track well. While I think this beat is nice, it could've benefited from a bit more variation. Sertone - Nice use of effects. More of a song structure to it... this track goes somewhere and takes you along for the ride. Think it could've used a bit more in the hi-end range. On the parts where the effect is exaggerated you get more of a crisp hi-end peaking through. Nice track tho. Sertone