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  1. Quick little jam from the belly of the 808.
  2. The Count

    How bout a video?!

    Lady vamp in the house. This beat is an SP-808 joint.
  3. The Count

    How bout a video?!

    Graphic novel cuts w instrumental soundtrack. Here are the first two of the series.
  4. The Count

    what are you listening to?

    Da Villins - Cashmere Dice JR & PH7 - Coral Cadavers Instrumentals
  5. The Count

    9th Wonder Documentary - The Wonder Year

    Yo! This might b old news, but it’s a good little piece of inspiration. Dude is a true ambassador of hip hop.
  6. The Count

    How bout a video?!

    Got another addition to the series. The instrumental for this was made by sampling chops from the sp-808 into the e-mu e4xt for chromatic key-mapping. Percussive elements came from the e-mu proteus 2500. The beat was programmed on the proteus, then tracked out to the sp-808 for mix and master. Then final output to ableton. Hope u enjoy!
  7. The Count

    How bout a video?!

    Yo! I'm going to be putting together some videos to accompany my EP, The Falling Man's Parachute. Here is the first one. I'm new to posting on YouTube, so any feedback or tips are greatly appreciated!
  8. The Count

    Concept Album! Graphic Novel Inspired.

    Much appreciated! 🙏✌️
  9. The Count

    Concept Album! Graphic Novel Inspired. The falling man. Hurtling toward earth at hundreds of feet per second. Helpless to the force of gravity pulling him down with incredible speed. Will he find his parachute in time? And where will he find this metaphoric life line? Enter the mind of the falling man and find the answers. The Falling Man’s Parachute is a narrative in audio cinema. It's a riddle wrapped in the mental trappings of a protagonist, struggling to make sense of modern life in the times we all find ourselves witness to.
  10. The Count

    New track. On that chill lofi tip.

    All samples chopped & blended in the SP-808. Thanks for listening!
  11. The Count

    MC-307 + SP-808

    Yo! Sounds from a Roland MC-307 processed & arranged on an SP-808. Sinister vibes. Columbo’s Theme (2099). Thanks for listening!