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  1. sft

    STBB 606

    Waddup fambo. How do i add this to the stones throw sc page?
  2. Available here: https://renaissancemusicnz.bandcamp.com/
  3. sft

    STBB #587

    Grats on the win Joa. Amazing sample.
  4. sft

    STBB #573 VOTE

    1. Mahirishi aka BlackPancakes - STBB #573 2. OTESLA ⚘⚘ - sumhowsunway' 🌞[573] 3. ⚁N!TƎ - _Needs(STBB#573)
  5. sft

    STBB #571

    Grats 6. Apologies for my lack of voting. Iʻll def get some votes in this week. Ap
  6. sft

    STBB#570 VOTE

    Damn homies. Apologies for the lack of voting. Been busy all weekend in NZ. Grats 6fingers.
  7. sft


    Grats. Nice sample.
  8. sft

    STBB#569 VOTE

    Def Mute.
  9. sft


    Interesting rules. Apologies for not voting last round was out all weekend.
  10. sft


    Some dope entries so far. waddup stones throw.
  11. sft

    STBB#502 : EARWORM WEEK aka Make a Hit Song

    lol FatVon could u upload one sample from the pack for me to mess with. Still having troubles even with the new link. The issue is not the upload link but the actual file. Aint got reaper or premier to run it thru unfortunately. Sorry for the hassle fam.
  12. sft

    STBB#502 : EARWORM WEEK aka Make a Hit Song

    Damn im having trouble with the yellow pack. Is it possible to send me/upload a couple of the samples and ill work with that. Not sure why its not opening. Btw congrats both of u for the w.
  13. sft

    STBB#502 : EARWORM WEEK aka Make a Hit Song

    Damn is that really a 1.0 gigabyte sample?
  14. sft

    STBB 483 Vote!

    Ras Dude came through with the groove.
  15. sft

    STBB #483 Explore your moods

    heyo. some feel good vibes for u.