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  1. PBW

    is stones throw racist??

    Stone Records was a rap label from San Jose in the late 80's/early 90's. Here's one of their records they released: http://www.rapmusicguide.com/item/10468/M.E.N._U.P.S.T.A.I.R.S._Mirror_Derailed_My_Love.html Homeliss Derilex shopped their demo to Stone Records back then (in the late 80's) and that's the origin of the quote. Charizma and I eventually found out about the HDs and bumped their demo tape in our ride on the regular. It was the only thing we bumped besides our own music. That song was recorded in around 1993. The name "Stones Throw" was not in any way inspired by the label Stone Records. It was a quote from my mom.
  2. PBW

    ST: From Weird label to Trendy?

    I enjoy this thread!
  3. PBW

    Soul With a Hole

    Cool. I'm impressed you knew so many of them and you didn't do the mix.
  4. PBW

    Matthew Larkin Cassell

    This one's worth the wait.
  5. PBW

    Soul With a Hole

    1. One More Thing - Bobby Sull 2. It's The Right Thing To Do - Velvet 3. It Takes Two - The Summits 4. The Dip - The Whispers 5. Wait A Minute - The Newday 6. It's Got To Be Real - Joe Graves 7. Merry Go Round - Perfect Touch 8. My Thing - The Moments 9. Now That You've Gone - The Metros 10. Temptation - The Expressions 11. Change - The Family Circle 12. Lost On A Highway - The Final Seconds 13. Time Is Gonna Change - The Borganeos 14. I Know You - Eldora McDaniel 15. Listen To My Song- Dorando 16. The Enchzatress - Morris Lewis 17. Don't You Ever Walk Away - The Lintons 18. Walking In A Crowd - Jimmy Hamilton & Whatt ??? 19. Dear Lady - The Admirations 20. You Can't Blame Me - Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr 21. Save It All For You - Lee Williams & The Cymbals 22. If You Must Be Free - Soul Searchers W.G.R. 23. The Bridge Of Love - The Lost Weekend 24. Pretty Baby - The C.O.D.'s 25. High School Girl - The Milky Way 26. We Don't Have to Be Over 21 (To Fall In Love) - The Jackson 5
  6. Here's some nerd out trivia. Back when I was living with Madlib, Jeff Jank, and Egon, I kept a gang of records in the basement in that house and it got flooded. I didn't know and about a year later, I went down there and all my records were ruined. I had to throw away AT LEAST a thousand. I guess Jeff turned the lemons into lemonade because he used some of those covers for the BK series. Or maybe the fucker was just trying to rub it in that I lost a good chunk of my collection.
  7. PBW

    Peanut Butter Wolf: Straight to Tape for 999

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Of course I realize it doesn't compare to Wu Tang other than sonically, but thats because I used the Ensoniq EPS sampler for this stuff, which I found out later that RZA coincidentally used too for "Enter the 36 Chambers" that was made a couple years later. If anyone wants to get that dirty/raw sound, just find an EPS. Forget all these new computer programs if that's what you're going for. 12 bit. Oh yeah, and record straight to tape.
  8. PBW

    big shots question

    As a side note, that song was made strictly for live shows. Charizma would be non-stop jumping around, rapping his ass off song after song (Red Light Green Light, Jack The Mack, etc), then we'd play that halfway through the set and he and I would sit on chairs and drink Apple Juice and scream "Apple Juice Break". It was stupid and funny and weird and the crowd didn't know what to do.
  9. PBW

    SXSW 45 SET

    Everyone did their part that night. Can't wait to do it again.
  10. PBW

    Stones Throw 45 Box Set

    nice. This is a box set of Stones Throw songs that have never been on 7". Songs like "Unassisted" by Rasco, "Official" by Jaylib, "Accordian" by Madvillain, "My World Premier" by Charizma, "Greenery" by Quas, etc
  11. I'd love to see other people's top 10 lists on here. School me!
  12. PBW

    Steve Arrington & Dam Funk.....Wow!!!!!!

    They've done 4 songs together so far and they're all heat.
  13. PBW

    New Year's Eve with Madlib

    Great to hear. If I wasn't in LA doing a gig, I would've been there in Denver to celebrate the New Year with Madlib my damn self.
  14. PBW

    New PBW Labels

    These songs are definitely not sub-par to Stones Throw in my opinion. And not meant to be 80's. I just did it to do it. I've been bored lately. Glad to hear that some of you like some of em and some of you hate all of em. They're not really supposed to be looked at as a series. Or maybe they are. I don't know. PS-Yes, I made the "Styles, Crews" beat back then with Lootpack in mind and when I showed it to them, they were with it, so I was so happy to get them on my album. The only song I can think of where Lord Quas rapped over someone else's track!