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  1. scabs

    Dr. Robutnik - For Those Who Left The Ground

    I've been reading my posts over the years and I have to apologize. I was a young, jealous little shit.
  2. scabs

    Mr. Wonderful

  3. scabs

    Video Games

    I really liked Guacameele, PT, and the new Marvel Champions iPhone game.
  4. scabs


  5. scabs

    Making Music for Commercials

    ^^^ That's a myth and does not serve as true copyright in any way shape or form. Send that disc, along with the master track and the IPC to the address provided in the forms from It'll cost you something like $30-45 a song, but you're covered, granted you don't sample.
  6. scabs

    Tim Dog Is Alive

    yeah he's alive
  7. scabs

    cassete hip hop

    Dont get the multitrack for stereo master cassettes. Get a dedicated tape recorder... and would anyone like to explain for me why I say this?
  8. scabs

    What have you been watching?

    UGH, how do I delete the topic? I didnt notice a similar thread a few below.
  9. scabs

    So...I Did a DJ Set on the Radio Today

    awesome dude
  10. scabs


    I see nobody talks comics here, any readers at all? Been reading Saga, all the Bat-family titles, and the old Venoms.
  11. scabs

    What have you been watching?

    Currently I'm watching Luther Season 3, obviously Breaking Bad, and the Inbetweeners (I know, I'm way behind). What's on your TV set?
  12. scabs

    Thoughts: Affleck as Batman

    Personally, it's biiter-sweet. On one end, Affleck is a part of the Batman team. On the other end, he's acting and not directing. I knew from the moment I finished watching "Gone Baby Gone" that his place was behind the camera, not in front of it. So while I think he MAY do a decent Bruce Wayne (but... come on, Bale has won't be topped by him in a two piece suit), I'm very wary of him as Batman. This being for two reasons. First: how much more physical can his batman be over Bale's when he's in suit? Will he be kicking at all? Will SCOTT ADKINS in fact be his stunt double??? Second: What will he sound like wearing the mask? He has to mask his voice. That was something Bale did right. For as much shit as he got for that voice, THAT is the voice in the comics. Alfred mentions it in Blind Justice, and Tim Drake mentions it to Jean-Paul Valley in Knightquest. ALSO: The way the suit looks will make a huge impact on whether or not Affleck will be taken seriously and be given a fair shot. I'd like to hear your opinions on whether or not you think he'll play a good Caped Crusader and your reasoning why.
  13. scabs

    Demo Tapes

    be polite, release stuff on your own, develop an independent following, do a few things that will make yourself stand out, bring a solid square deal to their table, maybe even tip it in their favor as incentive.
  14. scabs

    Only God Forgives

    I liked it. Every movie is different from the last, Refn has quite a filmography developing. I foresee him becoming one of the greats.
  15. scabs

    Only God Forgives

    This is getting really bad word of mouth at Cannes, but it's still in my top 3 most anticipated movies this summer