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  1. norieaster


    is Knxwledge doing the entire remix album or are there gonna be other producers remixing songs? I personally would love another album of Knxwledge beats
  2. norieaster

    MADLIB. ROC Marciano. Mad Roc, need album

    this was actually supposed to happen awhile back if you read this old interview.
  3. norieaster


    Fat Beats also has the vinyl for sale w/o the print and tee. Pretty happy i held out on the pre order and got it from Fat Beats. The shipping on the pack was crazy.
  4. norieaster


    just got the vinyl in the mail today. Side D is incredible. Goes pretty far out there. Def elevates the whole album for me. Not that i wasn't already playing it on repeat.
  5. norieaster

    j. rocc

    I have a friend looking for a mix J Rocc did for Listen Skateboards called "Viajeros Locos" anyone got a link for it? it would be much appreciated.
  6. norieaster


    really dope that knxwledge has a production credit on the new kendrick lamar
  7. norieaster

    Apollo Brown

    i'm curious if y'all like the version with roc marciano on it in my mind roc always improves a track
  8. norieaster

    Rap and R&B Soundtracks

    Menace II society soundtrack is great. Really good mix of west coast and east coast. Even a UGK track on there. Songs by Pete rock & cl smooth, brand Nubian, mc eight, too short, dj quik etc. Above the rim is also great. Cb4 soundtrack is another good one.
  9. norieaster

    Flying Lotus "Ideas+drafts+loops"

    I just play it on shuffle. different listening experience each time
  10. norieaster


    Just grabbed Kauliflower and Rap Traxx 10" Really digging the vibe he has created. Super raw and dusty
  11. norieaster


    anthology is perfect smoke music
  12. norieaster


    i just gotta say i'm really looking forward to anthology. I always have a hard time justifying paying for digital files. I like my music in physical form.
  13. norieaster

    Raw Fruit

    i ordered my copy direct from leaving records because I didn't really want the tee. I'm still waiting on it. It's been over 2 weeks. Anyone else receive their copy?
  14. norieaster


    I'm pretty sure that picture is from a mix stussy put out last fall. It was an all original samples mix by 7L and Frank the Butcher. Hence what the top tape is titled. Honestly if Stones Throw were to put out more tapes I would cop all of them. This year already so far I've copped 6 new tapes. Roc Marciano - Marcberg Destruct - The Vibe Tape Timeless Truth - Brugal & Presidentes Inspectah Deck 7L & Esoteric - CZARFACE Jonwayne - Cassette 2 Ghostface Killah - 12 Reasons To Die The Brown Tape. is 2013 the return of the hip hop tape? on a sidenote anyone remember the Stones Throw 8 tracks?
  15. norieaster

    12 Reasons to Die: Full Album Stream

    I just caught Ghost and Adrian Younge live in Chicago at the Abbey Pub. Overall kinda disappointing to be honest. Ghost def brought it, but Younge kept on derailing the show with his dumb intermission skits that halted all the momentum Ghost brought. I understand Younge wanted to bring the concept from the album to the stage, but the execution was lacking and Ghost didn't even seem to be too into it honestly. The drunk friday night crowd is not interested in the story, they just wanna hear bangers and rap along to it.