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  1. Kollage 01

    that last joint on nite moves is fuego

    Whaddup Maurice ! I've been looking for your ass buddy ! No Pause

    yooooh since I heard this on Kutmah's podcast I thought it was an unreleased. I always wondered if Hip Hop and R&B Japanese listeners ever truly appreciated all those gems they have been spoiled with over the years.
  4. Tryna resurrect some inside joke that originated since like 2005 on the defunct SOHH boards in 2017 really breh. What are you ? The first meme digger ?
  5. Madlib Pitchfork fest set

    fixed Yeah it was an alright set not great but those exclusive were worth it I'd say. Those he played right after Da Rawkus and Auditorium were super dope. some in the crowd definitely looked shocked he played those but the kids didn't care . Saw them throwing pits over this.
  6. just streamed on Youtube move the cursor like 45 mn back
  7. I think pbw/st bot should chime in here but it's now quite obvious there's a dispute between st and rappcats/madlib,egon over madvillain rights

    Lib also wasn't part of any the 20th ST anniversary celebrations I think it's safe to say theyve gone separate waaa..aayz [/dudley]

    patience is such a virtue
  10. Some "new" and new stuff from Kankick
  11. Knxwledge

    pretty much add in idungiveaflyingfuckwhatyallthink-iness
  12. MADLIB

  13. Knxwledge

    Bumping the latest wraptaypes installment now As far as I'm concerned he's the closest to being Madlib's heir on the hip hop steez
  14. what are you listening to?

  15. Hip Hop is officially dead

    lmao well done