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  1. MCMD

    Edan - Echo Party

    Does anyone know if Edan will be rapping on this album or is it just a mix of old songs that he made. Man I love Edan's raps so much. If he is rapping I am sold.
  2. MCMD

    Mayer H - Strange Arrangement 2/LP & CD

    Loving this album. Thanks Mr. Hawthorne
  3. MCMD

    what are you listening to?

    Charles Hamilton's New mixtape. Pretty good
  4. MCMD

    Madvillainy 2: The Box - Update

    I didn't buy the box but I got the digital download and I like it alot. It makes me even more excited for that new doom release.
  5. MCMD

    Just copped my 1st digi release from ST

    I got mine back to standard. I just clicked on options near the top and a drop down bar came up and I clicked standard view. Unless you are talking about something else. I too just got my first Digi release. Madvillainy 2 It is still downloading but I am excited to hear the remixes. yup
  6. MCMD


    Yeah I've seen alot of rappers doing that now adays. It makes sense cause you can keep all your rhymes with you everywhere you go and its easy to read while rapping.
  7. MCMD

    Stones Throw needs to sign some emcees

    Lonecub I like your Avatar. Thats a good show
  8. MCMD

    Stones Throw needs to sign some emcees

    11th hour was Gay. They should sign some new artist no one has heard of.
  9. MCMD

    Spotted on the MP3 blogs

    If you like the artist you should support them. Plain and simple. If Artists can't make money they can't make more music.
  10. MCMD


    I think PBW was right. Charizma was ahead of his time. His stuff is sooooo good but he never takes himself too seriously. I love it
  11. MCMD

    Kno of CunninLynguists letter to DOOM

    It does suck that he is skipping shows. I missed him last year at Rock the bells (No imposter but no Doom). But Kno is fooling himself if he thinks his group it better then Dooms. I own a Cunnilynguist album that I have listened to once and then I have every Doom album that I continually enjoy. Doom is an Awsome artist and maybe just not a great performer. I'm ok with that.
  12. MCMD

    Madvilliany 2

    So I really love Madvillian, Possibly one of the best CD's I've ever bought. I am going to pic up Madvillian 2 for sure even though there is no new Doom verses but I am kinda shocked with the collectors edition deal. I am definitely interested in giving stones throw more of my money for some extra stuff but I have to say $124.00 is kinda Steep. Now don't get me wrong you get alot of stuff and I am not denying that it is worth $124 I'm just saying that I can't justify spending that much on a CD. I just wish Stones throw would have something in the middle like a cheaper offer with less stuff. I'm just curious is anyone picking up the collectors edition?