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  1. GTAsoldier


    RIP King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile.
  2. GTAsoldier

    R.I.P. Prodigy (Mobb Deep)
  3. GTAsoldier

    Washed Out

    Really surprised to know that Washed Out has signed to ST. I loved his "Within & Without" LP. Here's his latest video.
  4. GTAsoldier

    RIP Leon Ware

  5. GTAsoldier

    what are you listening to?

    BadBadNotGood - IV
  6. GTAsoldier

    King Cesar (MIC) - All The King's Men

    Another music video, with MIC. Plus, that Rodan track on the album is straight fire.
  7. GTAsoldier

    King Cesar (MIC) - All The King's Men Monsta Island Czars are back again. King Cesar (X-Ray) dropped a new LP called "All The King's Men" with guest spots from fellow MIC Kong, Rodan, Monsta X (K-Sise), Gabarah (Junclassic), Megalon, and Spiga. Here's a few tracks:
  8. GTAsoldier

    Muhammad Ali

    Rest in peace
  9. GTAsoldier

    Jay Love Japan?

    I had hoped that Mainframe wouldn't be the controversial dude regarding the shenanigans surrounding Jay Love Japan. It's weird to me because I thought he was always tight with Operation Unknown and I enjoyed his work with Blu (Johnson&Jonson). EDIT: Nah, it's Dennis Baquiran Jr. Just looked him up on allmusic and it shows the A&R work he did with Mobb Deep, etc. I can't find anything connecting Mainframe/Jon Ancheta with the other artists mentioned earlier. Crazy. One question I have now is: How did he and Mainframe continue working together on Dilla-related stuff (Jay Stay Paid) after all of this? Is there something I'm missing here?
  10. GTAsoldier

    R.I.P Phife Dawg

    RIP Phife Dawg.
  11. GTAsoldier

    Monsta Island Czars

    Thanks man. Yeahs that's definitely Onyx to me.
  12. GTAsoldier

    Monsta Island Czars

    MIC dropped an EP by the end of last year called "The Come Up" on Dope Folks Records and Mindbenda Recordings. Entirely produced by X-Ray (King Cesar), it has 7 tracks that were previously unreleased. They were recorded between 1998 and 2000 And have been remastered. It's damn good, IMO. Listen to it here: No. Rodan was supposed to be in original KMD lineup, but he wanted to finish school. So Onyx replaced him. Do you have a link to that video?
  13. GTAsoldier

    R.I.P. Lou Reed

    Rest in power.
  14. GTAsoldier

    madlib-ish beats?

    Yes, that's the one.
  15. GTAsoldier

    madlib-ish beats?

    What about Mainframe? (of Johnson&Jonson) His beat tape "Jonson family vacation" has a bit of a Madlib feel to me.