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  1. buttaslick

    STBB #605

    dope samples this week hope you guys enjoy peace
  2. buttaslick

    STBB #604 VOTE

    Bleep Von 5 Pee
  3. buttaslick

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    Okay I followed the rules this time hope you guys enjoy smoke one and chill to this
  4. buttaslick

    STBB #604 [Lush]

  5. buttaslick

    Submit your favourite STBB tracks

    TKurata Primate Munoz387 Sugoisounds Sert One SFT These are some of the heavy winners around the time I know I am leaving some people out but this is off the dome, this is like BB 90 to like 119 or so plus there was the beat off where individuals battled each other. I know I am forgetting names but they know who they are.
  6. buttaslick

    STBB 599 Dark Trip Hop

    Nice win fam, I am going to listen to some Portishead in a dark room to get into the mood. Congrats and great samples.
  7. buttaslick

    STBB #598 VOTE

    Sorry guys can't comment like I wanted to this week super busy. It is work saving lives however here are my picks with a little aid from my peanut gallery. In order Granny David: that style you have captures everything this battle was based on and so you know I started here at beat battle 54 when I first started making beats. FatVonFree: just an amazing arrangement and the sample control is crazy Rustee Frequency: Super relaxed and smooth everyone else I will comment on your music this weekend but a strong week family great stuff from many dope stuff from all.
  8. buttaslick

    STBB #598

    Enjoy I used all parts and I love the idea of multi-samples production so dope congrats fam. Peace to all listen when you ready for war and love. https://soundcloud.com/therealbuttaslick/598-hip-hop-lives
  9. buttaslick

    STBB#597 VOTE

    Fat Von Free Lokal Brotha B With a big shout out to Granny David and Lonius
  10. buttaslick

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    Here we go
  11. buttaslick

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    Yo, another great week from everyone really impressive sounds Lonius congratz mate looking forward to this week!
  12. buttaslick

    STBB #596 VOTE

    Ruedenz Lonuis Fat Von Free
  13. buttaslick

    STBB 596

  14. buttaslick

    STBB #595 VOTE

    Sorry I did not get a chance yet to comment on everyone's beats however I will here is my list, another great week family. Nella Good Fella Moxatron Psychedelic Schizophrenic
  15. buttaslick

    STBB #595

    Really quick joint, just wanted to be a part hope yall dig it