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  1. STBB #575 VOTE

    FatVonFree Lonius Unseen Era
  2. STBB #571 VOTE

    DJ AGENT M Good Fellow SFT
  3. STBB #571

  4. STBB#570 VOTE

    Man, it is all good the rules are the rules, I am just glad I can click and stroll and hear such dope shit every week.
  5. STBB#570 VOTE

    Shit sorry family got held up at work and came late to the vote, but big up to all the beats this week SFT was funky goodness SixFingerz was crazy dope Lokal did a great job sorry I was late again I had SFT winning on my vote but sorry man my vote doesn't count this week I will make sure to vote early next time. Peace
  6. STBB#570 VOTE

    Hey Mellow my man good to see you still doing these mix tapes I might just win so I can get on one, they are rather dope.

    Had to do a full edit flip hope yall dig it no chops needed

  9. STBB#568 VOTE

    1. cascassette 2.Soul Jutsu 3. G.F.Nella
  10. STBB#568

  11. STBB#567 VOTE

    1. Fat Von Free 2. The Deli 3. Lokal Lots of dope ass music this week great week to be here fam, you should all be proud of the tracks that repped in this battle.
  12. STBB#567

    Enjoy this track with your fav medicine peace!
  13. STBB#566 VOTE

    TRAKMUZIK G.F.NeLLa. DEF MUTE Sorry I am late I just got off work, great week guys