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  1. Dope win
  2. vote

    MichaelMichaelson FatvonFree Hobgoblin
  3. Yeah, see Fat Free nailed it if you take these tips your drums will be thick and rich in no time. Then you can add reverb and other mixing tricks but start with layers adjusting volumes and you will be good.
  4. A good trick no matter what you use to produce music is understanding layering if you sample you should layer drums are a perfect example, a weak kick layered 5 times can be made dope a punchy that is all I did to get my drums right as a matter of fact that is all I ever do for drums now you can compress and filter later but if you learn to layer you have a strong foundation.
  5. Yo, a great week last week I will comment on all of the dopeness but the week is going to be big great throw back rules and great samples. Congrats to my man Es-k dope beat. Hope I did my boom bappers proud here is my track enjoy, like, comment in that order peace.
  6. classic rules, cool! great win fam can't wait to get chopping.
  7. vote

    K O W A L Z K I S O U L - J U T S U Doom Dap Glad we had the turnout this week for our family Komplikated R.I.P, my man.
  8. I understand this is a sad time but to me, a beat battle warrior such as Komplikated must be sent home by the drums of war. Rest in Paradise fam.
  9. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Komplikated, I have been a fan of his music for a long while. He will be missed here. As a guy who has been here for years, I have seen many people come and go from the beat battle but rarely do you recall their music and comments as soon as their name is mentioned, Komplikated as soon as I saw it I knew who he was and became sad, I have never spoken to him just listened and became a fan of his music that is the thing about art it will live on for the artist years after he or she has passed giving that person soul new life every time someone hears or views their art. Rest in Paradise family I hope all of your kicks are fat and chops loop right peace. R/ Yusef Efe aka Butta Slick
  10. vote

    The Ambassador Beatz Hobgoblin Kowalski Lakewood, Lonius bonus shout outs
  11. Congrats great win nice sample you presented man really nice I hope I did it some justice
  12. Okay I hope this is right I just whipped this up this morning drink whiskey and smoking:
  13. Dope idea!
  14. Okay, here it is hope you dig this week's entry.
  15. Doom Dap Hobgoblinbeats DonutProducer