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  1. Sam Knockz donut producer Kowalzki Doom Dap D.J Agent M
  2. Congrats man great win, dope sample I hope you guys dig what I did with it peace.
  3. kowalzki GFNella soul-jutsu
  4. donut producer lakewood sol sauvage
  5. What is this I have stumbled into oh well we get this way as a community as the grand old man of the beat battles I have seen this argument before but we will push on and we will make dope beats family with that being said enjoy my noise and let me know what you think peace
  6. Congratz, ah Man, NICE CHOICE! I am a big Doctor Who nerd when I am not writing and grading papers or making music I watch shows such as Doctor who Star Trek and the like. So good on you, we shall do this legend proud.
  7. Elanvital Ras-H DonutProducer
  8. 1. Fat von Free 2. Donut 3. Zexual
  9. here we go
  10. oH MAN, I DON'T THINK YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE UNLEASHED! This is going to be one of those weeks I can see it now all that heat in samples I might have to invest in new headphones. Congrats on the win my man and great rules and samples for this week let get it BB family.
  11. Hope yall dig it just wanted to be fresh
  12. 1. Ras-H 2. Hobogoblinbeats 3. DJ Agent M
  13. Congratz fam great win, Sorry I am feeling ill but here is my try at something