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  1. JJ

    R.I.P. David Axelrod

    Electric Prunes - Mass in F Minor introduced me to Axelrod, though it was years before I understood he was the creative force behind the album - his name appears only in the small print. It remains my favorite psychedelic rock album. The followup Electric Prunes - Release of an Oath is essential. If I understand the timeline correctly, the success of Mass in F Minor directly led to Axelrod's solo albums back on his home label Capitol - Songs of Innocence (just reissued), Songs of Experience, and Earth Rot. All great records.
  2. JJ


    He did remix the entire album long ago, like 2000. No idea what happened to it, but I remember this was in ADAT days, and that he had recorded over the Antidote master, because he needed a tape, or something along those lines.
  3. JJ

    What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    It's been on the radar for a while now, so it's not as fast as it might seem. We don't have immediate plans to do this again on Bandcamp or anywhere else, but we'll look for an opportunity.
  4. JJ

    What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    CG, you're absolutely right about the problems, and as of this week we're deciding to close it down. Looking at Bandcamp and other ideas for the future.
  5. JJ

    Any Karriem Riggins beat album info?

    It's not a coincidence. Mr. Oizo's was my favorite album cover of the year, and I ripped it off. It was one of three ideas I showed Karriem, and the one I guessed he would definitely not pick. Clearly I guessed wrong.
  6. JJ

    Any Karriem Riggins beat album info?

    I had some fun with these Karriem album cover remixes on ST Instagram. Here's one I didn't get a chance to use.
  7. JJ


    I don't think I've ever said that. There is plenty of Jahari, and I wish Madlib would put something out. Supreme Team is the pipe dream. Frankly, I'm surprised anyone still asks for this, all based on what, 2 or 3 tracks?
  8. JJ


    It's been a while. The last all-new, all-Madlib record was Rock Konducta 1 & 2, 2013.
  9. JJ


    Twice in the past week, Pitchfork was the only website to write and attempt to fact-check this and the "Eric B, Rakim and Quas" story. XXL on the other hand has a story on Doom with three errors in the first paragraph alone.
  10. JJ

    Marvel + Stones Throw

    many agree, the Dilla Donuts cover homage is not the strongest of the series, but it's a cool to be included in this series nevertheless.
  11. JJ

    Jay Love Japan?

    The whole Jay Love Japan episode was a little sickening to me. Unfortunately it was the first of many. One caveat to the story here: artwork you link to there is based on a photo by B+ which he didn't even print until after J Dilla passed -- I remember showing that link to B, who hadn't seen or heard anything about it before. Needless to say the record never came out anyway, so terms like "legit," "proper release," and "official release" don't carry weight. The unnamed "ex-employee" also turned on in the credits for Jay Stay Paid, which had the same revisionist fan-made feel of the latter version of Jay Love Japan and a few of the others.
  12. JJ

    The Biggest Flop of Stones Throw History

    This is really your guess?
  13. JJ

    What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    Digital subscription, ending in a couple weeks. http://drip.com/stonesthrow
  14. JJ

    Stones Throw FLACs

    I was just reading your comment on the Lil Light page. I clicked all the download links and they all work for me. Can you try it again? These pages or these links don't expire. https://drip.com/stonesthrow/releases/madlib-a-lil-light-instrumentals