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  1. brentabousko

    j. rocc

    J.Rocc Presents Sade & Mobb Deep / Thug Ballads
  2. brentabousko


    If you're antsy hit CTRL+F to find the Madlib quotes, otherwise its a decent read of a righteous dude. Fave segment: STEREOGUM: Recently the announcements went live for a lot of the big festivals, and people were on Twitter comparing the font sizes. That’s how you can tell how popular a band really is. SEGALL: That whole world, I don’t wanna pay attention to it. STEREOGUM: You’re not in it for the second-tier font. SEGALL: No way, man. All that stuff is all ridiculous. I like to focus on making the music, and the records, and playing good shows. If you focus on the fonts, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.
  3. brentabousko

    Edan - The Humble Magnificent
  4. brentabousko

    Edan - The Humble Magnificent

    you sure? i can't listen to it on that link its just a write up. unless i'm missing something
  5. brentabousko

    Edan - The Humble Magnificent

    Anyone know how I can hear this?
  6. brentabousko

    What is James Pants doing?

    funnel web
  7. brentabousko

    What is James Pants doing?

    the most rare james pants album of all time has 165 views. disappears at 500 or when i wake up
  8. brentabousko

    cut chemist - funk off moviemix

    love the edan part. sick all around
  9. brentabousko

    THE WAS Soda_Jerk Vs The Avalanches

    quit what you're doing, watch this, and name the movies. The Avalanches’ long-awaited second album, Wildflower, is out on Friday (7/8) featuring more of their nostalgic “what’s that sample?” collage/tapestry magic. For a visual companion to what they do, check out The Was, a 14-minute short that ingeniously intercuts clips of over 100 films, TV shows, as well as concert footage and original animation — all to music from Wildflower.
  10. brentabousko

    Edan - The Humble Magnificent

    Mega sick
  11. brentabousko


    i like this. medicine show is monster. light some mind fusions.
  12. brentabousko

    egon on nts radio : 3 mixes so far

  13. brentabousko


    i got 5 maybe 7 mins in. unwatchable.