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  1. j. rocc

    J.Rocc Presents Sade & Mobb Deep / Thug Ballads

    If you're antsy hit CTRL+F to find the Madlib quotes, otherwise its a decent read of a righteous dude. Fave segment: STEREOGUM: Recently the announcements went live for a lot of the big festivals, and people were on Twitter comparing the font sizes. That’s how you can tell how popular a band really is. SEGALL: That whole world, I don’t wanna pay attention to it. STEREOGUM: You’re not in it for the second-tier font. SEGALL: No way, man. All that stuff is all ridiculous. I like to focus on making the music, and the records, and playing good shows. If you focus on the fonts, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.
  3. Edan - The Humble Magnificent
  4. Edan - The Humble Magnificent

  5. j. rocc

    because he's so prolific i'll just start this thread to add to all his jewels. such as: J.Rocc Mix of Hanni El Khatib 'Moonlight' Album Mix J-Rocc, of World Famous Beat Junkies, takes on Hanni El Khatib new album Moonlight. Exclusive to Okayplayer