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  1. WIGWAMone


    oOoOoO i hope this is what i think it is... not heard about this, il keep and eye out for it...
  2. WIGWAMone


    ok so i read somewhere that kankick, gods gift and dj babu were once known as "Funk Farm", anyone else know about this? ive never found any tracks but there were a few beats labelled "funk farm files" on kan's myspace a year or so back, just wondering if anyone knows about any others? this beat is SSSSSmooooooooooooooooth...
  3. WIGWAMone

    noob needs new directions!

    a rapidshare account??
  4. WIGWAMone

    Favorite all time madlib Beat

  5. WIGWAMone

    production question

    if you listen closely you will notice some of the gaps between drum hits are slightly longer than others, like the gap between the 4th hat and the kick on the 5th beat of the phrase (around 12 sec), this would make it go out of sync after each loop. it could even be just where someone has done a poor looping job for the video... have a listen to this, a good example of tempo change in a beat, the second 2 bars are slightly slower, sort of...
  6. WIGWAMone

    Jneiro Jarel

  7. WIGWAMone

    Jneiro Jarel

    yoooooooooooooooooo you need to check out 3 piece puzzle and timeless vol 1, super lovely beats he is definately one of the best at what he does imo, has a great signature sound. i was given 3 piece puzzle to listen to in a record shop, the guy said he hadnt heard it, but someone had bought one last week, then came in the next day and bought all the other copies. lastly, WHO KNOW ABOUT THIS? THIS IS MY SHIT!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO ILL!!!
  8. WIGWAMone

    The Guilty Simpson Big Band LIVE!

    yeah any black milk or phat kat show vids??
  9. WIGWAMone

    What is this on?

    a remix maybe?? post it if you find it
  10. WIGWAMone

    girl with RUFF DRAFT logo tattoo

    damn straight, she weirds me out hard, regardless of the tattoo, and that just makes it even more strange. i dont trust people over the age of 40 who wear skate shoes but dont skate. i feel a similar way about her, but not sure why. CAKE BOYS! EDIT: JUST SAW THIS ON HER YOUTUBE ACCOUNT, SHE CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF... and i quote... "things are really seriously not good on the planet and we really really all need to just make it as magical and wonderful and special as we can right now, right right now, like, theres not a moment to lose anymore..." im all for trying to sort things out but this really isnt helpful... and lastly, MOTHERS SHOULD NOT POST PICTURES OF THEIR ASSES ON THE INTERNET... ...unless they are hot.... gah
  11. WIGWAMone

    Are we ready for some new blood in here?

    i think its a good idea, but its nice for the winner of a battle to pick the next sample, to see what others do with a certain sample, challenge people etc... i dont think the battles should be limited in this way, but i think the st/nw sample material should be used in battles separate to the user run weekly battles, maybe just put them all in the drop and let us at them, maybe drop one every week, maybe run another battle alongside, or a contest, whatever... saying that i dont really enter em so meh
  12. WIGWAMone

    what are you listening to?

    get back to work!
  13. WIGWAMone

    Which Member of ST Fam Would You Most Like to Smoke a J With

    st bot who would you most like to play frisbee with? who would you invite over for tea and scones? who would you go to the pond and feed the ducks with?
  14. WIGWAMone

    So wait....

    is that a definate yes then? im still waiting...