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  1. LuvBunz

    Has Seriously Nobody Made a Jerry Paper Thread Yet?

    Unless you talking MadLib, Doom or Madvillain 3.7, heads on here can't fathom there being other music out there. Kiefer, Stimulator Jones, Adventureland, ST still dropping heat. Will checkout JP. I like that Baby track.
  2. I put it down to the "fans". DOOM and Madlib aren't signed to Stonesthrow and there's a whole world of music out there that doesn't revolve around them. DOOM lost his f*ckin son and the general response is, "Damn son... you think there's a chance for Madvillain 2, still?!?" Madlib is doing MADLIB on rappcats, but heads are still here hoping for the 2001 Madlib to return. It's gonna be 2019 soon... Is the label dead? If they keep releasing bangers like "Adventureland" this label isn't going anywhere.
  3. LuvBunz

    Grandmilly & Shozae

    Videos? Cool... Point proven.
  4. LuvBunz

    Grandmilly & Shozae

    You know the STMB is dead when no one is talking about new shit anymore and instead, are still sniffing farts saved in jars from 2005. No one talking about this drop?!?! This is how Drumpf won...
  5. LuvBunz

    Stimulator Jones

    Is this still STMB? How the fuck is no one talking about the new Stimulator Jones?!?!
  6. LuvBunz

    Trap Phone

    fucking hilarious. I want one.
  7. LuvBunz

    Washed Out

    Was a nice surprise. I got 2, Washed Out albums. As excited as I am for this, i'm more excited for that Stimulator Jones release.
  8. LuvBunz


    $85 for a new/old figure being revamped plus a new track?!? Pass. Still got my original figure sitting on my desk. Pry more $ from fans all you want, but for this? It's just tarnishing my memories of 2004-2005.
  9. LuvBunz

    Official Dâm-Funk Thread

  10. LuvBunz


    Medicine Show announced, 10+ new creations from Madlib. Most fans: "No way... No fucking way... An album a month from Madlib?!?!?! Can we get that new MV though? If not i'm gonna troll the shit out of this. Oh nah, I love Madlib, just can't listen to anything that's not Madvillain though bruh."
  11. LuvBunz


    12-years on and i'm glad dude shut the door on new Madvillain. I honestly don't even think most people enjoy anything new period cause they're stuck. Half the reason this board died out was from the constant asking of where MV2 is. I used to be deep in some threads and then shit would get taken over by mother fuckers crying that they are owed an album. Move on.
  12. LuvBunz

    Marvel + Stones Throw

    True. Its def an honor, I think the Madvillain one is dope. This just feels like lazy Art Direction to me though, something about it just rubs me the wrong way.
  13. LuvBunz

    Marvel + Stones Throw

    First the Madvillain/Thor mashup and now... Dilla? Been in the game for a minute and I just think this Dilla mashup is unnecessary and more importantly, "forced".