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  1. Trap Phone

    fucking hilarious. I want one.
  2. Washed Out

    Was a nice surprise. I got 2, Washed Out albums. As excited as I am for this, i'm more excited for that Stimulator Jones release.

    $85 for a new/old figure being revamped plus a new track?!? Pass. Still got my original figure sitting on my desk. Pry more $ from fans all you want, but for this? It's just tarnishing my memories of 2004-2005.
  4. Official Dâm-Funk Thread


    Medicine Show announced, 10+ new creations from Madlib. Most fans: "No way... No fucking way... An album a month from Madlib?!?!?! Can we get that new MV though? If not i'm gonna troll the shit out of this. Oh nah, I love Madlib, just can't listen to anything that's not Madvillain though bruh."

    12-years on and i'm glad dude shut the door on new Madvillain. I honestly don't even think most people enjoy anything new period cause they're stuck. Half the reason this board died out was from the constant asking of where MV2 is. I used to be deep in some threads and then shit would get taken over by mother fuckers crying that they are owed an album. Move on.
  7. Marvel + Stones Throw

    True. Its def an honor, I think the Madvillain one is dope. This just feels like lazy Art Direction to me though, something about it just rubs me the wrong way.
  8. Marvel + Stones Throw

    First the Madvillain/Thor mashup and now... Dilla? Been in the game for a minute and I just think this Dilla mashup is unnecessary and more importantly, "forced".
  9. DOOM

    Been out here, in the water... storm watching, caught a despair squid once.
  10. DOOM

  11. Official Dâm-Funk Thread

    I haven't been on the board in ages. Had to make a return for this. DAM-FUNK is the FUCKIN' TRUTH! Believe.
  12. Mayer Hawthorne/The Temptations

  13. Was listening to The Temptations while spittin' some pixels, and all I can hear is MH's "Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin" :
  14. Fatbacks: A Place For Ass (NSFW)

    Definitely photoshopped. Always sniff for freshness