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  1. Friies

    Official Dâm-Funk Thread

    People need to appreciate the things that are happening, without always thinking about what could be. 7 Days of Funk is Amazing, and I could never have wished for such an amazing collab. I think my favorite track is Let it go... that basss! ps. Liv, I'd like to hear the mix as well if possible, i can't stream it from the website...!
  2. Friies

    Best snow sculpture ever

    I was walking around yesterday night when I ran into this fuckin thing needless to say it's the best sculpture I've ever seen. I had to lend him my beer for a quick photoshoot, unfortunately I had already smoked... so no joint for the Lord that night. His legs look like they took some beating, though
  3. Friies


    It's a pretty good track...
  4. Friies

    Homeboy Sandman

    Cool track, rhymes, drums are really good, crazy production. Still very refreshing to me, can't wait for January!
  5. Friies

    Stones Throw signs Homeboy Sandman?

    Yes! just listened to a track of his... flow sounds like Quasimoto. But good news that there's a new hip hop artist...edit: just listened to some tracks on his website, Calm Tornado also sounds a lot like Lord Quas, but I like him a lot. Very refreshing rythmically, nice rhymes and beats are good. Can't wait for the 1st album
  6. Friies

    MED turns in new album

    Just bought it, been a while since I supported ST...
  7. Friies

    Some "new" and new stuff from Kankick

    I think you put some tracks of his in a mix you did decades ago. ''roots, trees, leaves...'' got that nice classical bounce to it, not bad
  8. Friies

    Random Axe album $1.99 on amazon

    Album sounds nice... probably going to buy it.
  9. Friies

    I Found A Dollar...

    That is very creepy
  10. Friies

    Flying Lotus Podcast check the list under the newer podcasts. free to download without itunes
  11. Friies

    New Mayer Hawthorne Covers EP

    Good music. Props to ST for the free stuff
  12. Friies

    Mayer Hawthorne - No Strings

    Oh it's that? That's kind of old already... Thought it was some new stuff Thanks anyway
  13. Friies

    Mayer Hawthorne - No Strings

    Man. I need to listen to that Jazzy Jeff Boogie remix. mp3 release planned? Please?
  14. Friies

    Live Band covering Donuts in it's entirety

    it always sounds different when played live... you can plug in some improv too which sounds nice to me. and the drummer can change beats a little
  15. Friies

    Live Band covering Donuts in it's entirety

    Hahahaha. That would've been so horrible. Pretty nice, but definitely would have been better in a studio.