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  1. DOOM

    from the video lol
  2. DOOM

    I grabbed the .flac bruh
  3. what are you listening to?

    She (Suzi Analogue) and I collab'd on a song way back in the days of MySpace ... I still got that track but never released it.
  4. what are you listening to?

  5. albums you've bought more than once

    I'd never spend that kind of money for my all-time favorite album on CD lol
  6. Funny Shit

  7. what are you listening to?

  8. Politics and Current Events

    The "Look Here, Buddy! I Cut Your Little Branch Down Because It Was ON MY PROPERTY!" Squad
  9. DOOM

    just remember all cursive when you spell that nigga name
  10. Decided to start a mini blog. Don't expect updates unless the demand is there lol
  11. MADLIB

    i need that black and white lord quas backdrop with the cross hairs turned into a wallpaper ... JJ?
  12. Always 2 real

    game recognize game, and you sounding kinda unfamiliar right now
  13. Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    i'm trying to get a black and white pic of miss stress to hang up in my studio though
  14. HowIProvenSmallWorldTheory.exe

  15. what are you listening to?