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  1. DAW Discussion

    No clue but i can't wait to upgrade to this new version of Ableton lol i haven't touched the Maschine since i copped a Push 1
  2. DOOM

    I hope Madlib read that article. Sounds like Jneiro found the formula.
  3. what are you listening to?

  4. DOOM

    Good read! My vocabulary leveled up after reading that article.
  5. The Needle Drop Weirdo

  6. The Needle Drop Weirdo

  7. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    *flicks the dust off the "Ignore" button*
  8. Politics and Current Events
  9. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    Go pick on somebody yo own size, breh. I don't talk to feds.
  10. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    his ex girl was a nazi
  11. DAW Discussion

    the RAM in your macbook is located next to the battery (depending on what version you own). Shouldn't be soldered in or anything. They just pop right out after removing the bottom of the case.
  12. DAW Discussion

    Logic Pro is a beast, so I'm sure that Apple will keep supporting it. I own a copy but I've been on Ableton Live for so long I decided to cop a Push. Still got Maschine on standby.
  13. DAW Discussion

    Acid Pro used to be the shit back in the day. I hated that Sony just stopped developing it. Didn't Danger Mouse produce DangerDoom on it? I remember reading an article about it
  14. DAW Discussion

    They should buy Acid Pro from Sony and run with it.
  15. DOOM

    Why you getting rid of such a robust collection of DOOM shit? Moving on?