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  1. DOOM

    Why you getting rid of such a robust collection of DOOM shit? Moving on?
  2. Peeps still digging sample-based beats?

    Won't play in my browser. Says I need to update Netscape Navigator and reconfigure my COM ports or something. Damn you Hewlett Packard!
  3. Politics and Current Events

    Ayo Instrmntl Beats I gotta G check ya for a second. You with the Feds, bruh. Gotta be. If you gone spam the boards you at least gotta disclose why you here, my G. Clearly it ain't to discuss music, playboy.
  4. Politics and Current Events

    ... plus, Young Guru suggested that he drop a "1200 Album" and Pete agreed.
  5. Politics and Current Events

    I got a "current event" for y'all ... Pete Rock just pulled out his SP1200 on Instagram and dropped a gang of videos.

    Dollar bin R&B records is where it's at, bruh. Either for inspiration (see: Award Tour by ATCQ and how the bassline was "inspired" by the one from Jade's "Don't Walk Away") or just flat out sampling them shits (similar to how Knxwledge and 9th Wonder flips old R&B loops). Jodeci, Zhane, The Family Stand, Soul II Soul ...
  7. Politics and Current Events

    Meanwhile ... here in Atlanta ...
  8. what are you listening to?

  9. DOOM the Horrible - (MF BARNES)

  10. The Death of Soundcloud

    Whatever happened to that one on these boards who was creating a "website for producers to collaborate"? He actually had some pretty good ideas.
  11. R.I.P. David Axelrod