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  1. Been up for a while he's one of the dopest producers here in the ATL. He's at Controllerise (at Slice) every Thursday doing live sets.
  2. seems practical ... kinda like a 303 with a dr rhythm built in or sum ... just doesn't make me say i wanna cop one. might end up being one of those boxes that eventually becomes a place to put your beer coaster when banging on the 2kxl or maschine lol
  3. yo bamajoe that count shit is smooth AF i'm trying to get the count on one of my beats doing some shit like that beat fosho
  4. ^^ must be new round here hahaha
  5. I still own a copy of that enhanced CD
  6. They added what reminds me of the "clip view" from Ableton Live where you can pretty much use it as a playground to build your components. Shift/Scene will show/hide this view. It lets me build my beat components prior to building the actual beat. I can see folks with the Maschine Jam using this feature a lot.
  7. The latest Maschine update improved my workflow damn near 50%.
  8. Dilla beat tapes on Apple Music = Mostly sped-up versions of beats already "used" by somebody on other posthumous Dilla albums and random Youtube channels. I appreciate it, though
  9. Whuddup, fam
  10. I actually considered copping one after owning the APC20 for a stint but ended up going with Maschine because I missed that "feel" of using the MPC200XL. Don't get me wrong, the way that you can manipulate chords and sounds on that shit is amazing, and chopping/manipulating samples on it is pretty easy, but there's just something about them 16 squares that I can't seem to figure out! Ableton Live is better with a keyboard, BEST with a keyboard designed for it with the clip buttons. I think Akai Professional makes one. I'll probably still grab a Push because I use Ableton Live just as much as I use Maschine standalone.
  11. Good watch! Kinda wish it were longer and that they did an "in the studio" type series like Fact does on their YouTube channel.
  12. I'm about to finally drop a beat tape. Been sitting on a gang of beats I've created over the years and never released nothing official, so I think that now is the time. Some of my shit is posted on SoundCloud, but there's hundreds more sitting here idle without an ear to bless. The hard part is deciding what's going on the beat tape. Even more so I need a cover! I remember some years ago when there were cats on these boards who were pretty damn nice with designing covers ... where y'all at? Who's still designing covers?
  13. Let's gooo!!!
  14. *our lol