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  1. doom conspiracy

    That's news to me! My moms got skills!! Willie's my man!! I also heard Onyx The Birthstone Kid is actually Mr Fantastik (not Rodan) with his vocals pitch shifted.
  2. doom conspiracy

    Subroc also ghostwrote all of Dre's verses on The Chronic.
  3. DOOM

    Odd remix. Kind of works I guess. No remix would ever beat the original though! DOOM's verse on that Westside track is pretty dope but I just can't get into WSG at all, not even a tiny bit. I'm so glad to hear it's only a two track project. Although someone on the ughh forums said they were going to edit out all of WSG's verses lol. Two songs might be tolerable.
  4. DOOM

    Yep, figured it was going be something like this to get people bitchin about not getting a free song, not that you guys are. DOOM loves to get our hopes up fiendin for more, wouldn't doubt if some heads are bitchin about it. Now that It's All a Lie track makes sense.
  5. DOOM

    Damn, I wish it would've been Mach-Hommy or THA GOD FAHIM instead. WSG annoys the fuck out of me. Either way it's exciting to hear a new DOOM project is in the works, especially with ALC on beats. DOOM sounded pretty ill on that snippet.
  6. DOOM

    Transcribed that at work on computer speakers and missed a few lines. Just fixed em up: Could've did a line of bump with Donald Trump He hear voices in his head, he gotta jump Not now, too much lactose, gotta dump
  7. DOOM

    Lovin the new (old) Doomsayer track! I like it a lot more than the Young Guru Remix, which is a dope version but the mixing on it sucked, DOOM's vocals and something else in the mix were way too loud. Would love to hear it mixed and mastered properly. The Alchemist version is mixed much better and fits his rhymes and flow a little better IMO. I hope there's more collaborations with Alc in the future. A Gangrene collab would be ill as fuck! This new project is super exciting to me, looking forward to the next release.
  8. what are you listening to?

  9. DOOM the Horrible - (MF BARNES)

  10. DOOM

    Man, this is some fucking great news! That new Sean P collab is dope. I (and most other people) have been fiendin for a substantial amount of new DOOM for a long ass time now. Although his guest spots from the last few years practically add up to a full album's worth, or more. I just hope this release is all new material, or at least mostly unreleased stuff. And if any of it is, I guess I can't complain about a (free) new project from DOOM! Can't wait til August 16th!