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  1. enjay2nine

    ST, please make it a full size poster

    Coolest damn thing I've ever seen.
  2. enjay2nine

    Madlib Medicine Show #7 - High Jazz

    Sweet Jesus... Looks like my favorite release of the series so far, based on what I see. I will be preordering for sure.
  3. enjay2nine

    Strong Arm Steady - In Search of Stoney Jackson

    Can ST sign Planet Asia already? Please?
  4. enjay2nine

    Madlib has two joints on "New Amerykah pt. 2"

    Oh shit, Madlib/Dilla/Georgia/Karriem/Shafiq? I'm in.
  5. enjay2nine

    New James Pants - Seven Seals

    All that's left to decide is if I'm reallly impatient enough to buy the mp3s while I'm waiting on the vinyl.
  6. enjay2nine


    After giving all three of them a proper listen, this, Away With Melancholy and For Pete's Sake made my year. Goddamnit I love Now-Again.
  7. enjay2nine

    Madlib Medicine Show

    Jesus H Christ, 12 Madlib albums next year? Sonofabitch I need to get another job.
  8. enjay2nine

    what are you listening to?

    Finally bought Electric Wire Hustle's album and I can't turn it off.
  9. Agreed, I like the remix a lot better. Even the interludes are bonkers.
  10. enjay2nine

    Def DOOM pt2

    I think that's the best DOOM's voice has ever sounded to me. Coming out from behind the camera, all ransom video style. I don't know what it was, it just fits him.
  11. enjay2nine

    Another 1 from Koushik

    Dear St Bot, The amount of Koushik being released (specifically instrumental stuff) makes me very happy. Hooray.
  12. enjay2nine

    New ST artists

    Where did you hear this?
  13. enjay2nine

    what are you listening to?

    Some of it was meh, but there were a couple bangers on it. The Sound Is God and Love Line were great. Has anyone heard Blu's version of Love Line? Fuckin' heeeeat.
  14. enjay2nine

    MV2 "annouced"

    I'll go apeshit when it gets officially announced, but until then I'm not gonna get excited.