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  1. Ralph Wiggum

    Find an obscure hip hop song

  2. Ralph Wiggum

    What do you look for in a film...

    or a book, or even a graphic novel. After seeing Drive last year, and In Cold Blood earlier this year, I noticed that both these films appealed to me aesthetically (editing, dialogue, characterization). My question is, when you go to see a movie or any other form of storytelling, what do you hone in on within the first ten minutes or so?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-_dlcBixNE
  4. Ralph Wiggum


    J Dilla changed my t-shirt. It was worth the $26.
  5. Ralph Wiggum

    what are you listening to?

  6. Ralph Wiggum

    MED ft. Talib Kweli

    Backflips over this track.
  7. Ralph Wiggum

    Madvillain "Papermill"

    I was at a used book store today, walked over to the vinyl section and viola, All up in my face.
  8. Ralph Wiggum

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

  9. Ralph Wiggum

    what are you listening to?