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  1. R.I.P Hugh Hefner

    Anybody catch that Hef series on Amazon? Any good?
  2. What's good to watch these days

    Anybody catch Frank Sobotka and Maury Levy on The Deuce? Nice to see them rolling out more Wire peeps each episode. Vice Principals is back! Should be a good season...
  3. Peeps still digging sample-based beats?

    Only when there's quadruplicate posts about it, you done fucked up now homie. ST Bot gon kick in your front door and smack your moms upside the head for buying generic ass breakfast cereal!
  4. R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

    Dude was an 80s icon, so many great movies in his resume.....Repo Man, Alien, Escape From New York One of my personal favorites was when he played the father in Red Dawn BOYYYS, AVENGE ME! AVEEENGE MEEEE!!! RIP!
  5. What's good to watch these days

    Yeah D'Angelo was the cop and Chris was the pimp whose girl was watching movies with the old dude. Hard to recognize him without the beard.
  6. What's good to watch these days

    I watched the advanced premiere of The Deuce, pretty dope. Reminds me of Ralph Bakshi's early films (Fritz The Cat, Heavy Traffic, etc). Plus it's got two alumni of The Wire (Chris and D'Angelo), not mention the creator of The Wire, David Simon is involved. The story is kind of a scattered mess, it follows various pimps, prostitutes, and other ner-do-wellers in 1971 Times Square. Not sure where they are taking it but from the trailers it looks like all these characters will converge in making porn films? We'll see if it holds up.
  7. Films

    Wind River, that's the movie right there. One of the best of the year.
  8. What's good to watch these days

  9. What's good to watch these days

    Yeah this whole season seemed very rushed, how tf you gonna wrap everything up in 13 episodes? They really should've pushed for a full 10 episodes on these last two seasons to really do it justice. Best part of the finale for me was seeing The Hound reunited with The Mountain (I was like Clegane Bowl!!! Yesss!) Hope that finally happens in S8.... Tormund and Baric on the Wall at the end, are they really dead? How could they survive that shit?
  10. Films

    Herzog documentaries are the shit, Into the Abyss and Encounters at the End of the World are some other great ones.
  11. Politics and Current Events

    A statue/monument is a powerful thing, goes beyond just a historical reminder, especially when you have people walking around today who still support the achievements that earned them that statue. It's not about erasing history, it's about not celebrating it and taking power away from those that do.
  12. What's good to watch these days

    Funniest part of that episode was when The Hound and him were talking about Breanne and The Hound is like "she'll cut your liver out" and Tormund is like "so you do know her" lolllll But seriously though, can zombie dragons breathe fire too? Or do they breathe ice? That would be some shit right there....
  13. What's good to watch these days

    When he was petting the dragon I was like "yep that's you get a single mom, warm up to her kids first" lol That formation of the GOT all stars team at the end was dope, bout to roll up on them white walkers like the wild bunch!
  14. What's good to watch these days

    That Lannister BBQ was pretty epic, but was that the only dragonslayer they had or will Kybern make more of them? Bron up on that thing like he was Ahab lol dude must really want that castle bad. Yes, the auntie/nephew hookup will happen. Jon always had a thing for strong women. Can't believe there's only 3 episodes left. Crazy. The Deuce looks hella dope, can't wait for that one.