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  1. DJ Projexion

    What's good to watch these days

    Anybody watch Bright on Netflix? At first I thought the concept was corny af but I was actually enjoying it. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure movie but if you like David Ayer movies (Harsh Times, End of Watch) then you’ll probably dig it.
  2. DJ Projexion

    R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    Tarantino's next movie will have the Manson murders as a backdrop. Wuuuuuuut
  3. DJ Projexion

    overrated rapper list

    First two that came to mind......Biggy is hella overrated also, lyrically great but too much fat in the mouth or something, like deviated septum flow.
  4. DJ Projexion

    Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    That Sade photo from the Love Deluxe cover would look dope over the fireplace. But be careful, some babies will be made once that goes up....😜😂
  5. DJ Projexion

    Politics and Current Events

    We had a fighting/sports thread somewhere but it’s still current events, anyone catch that epic UFC Saturday? Probably one of the best ever, return of GSP, 3 new champions, tons of knockouts, it was crazyness. Georges definitely didn’t look like the old GSP but still was able to put a tough dude like Bisping down. Hats off to him. Biggest wtf moment of the night was Thug Rose dropping Joanna like that. Didn’t see that coming at all.
  6. DJ Projexion


    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was a real shitshow, getting tired of Guy Ritchie and his Sherlock Holmes antics. It’s played out homie. Dude has an obsession with historical figures being involved in some underground/primitive MMA. It’s just silly. I’ll stick with the Antoine Fuqua version with Clive Owen, now that one was dope af.
  7. DJ Projexion

    What's good to watch these days

    Vice Principals is turning out to be a great season, as good if not better than the first. Big weekend coming up with the return of Stranger Things and The Walking Dead.
  8. DJ Projexion


    I hear you GC90, don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of Vangelis and his original score. But I went into this trying to judge the music on its own without comparing it and I think it serviced the visuals well. Vangelis’ score was far more melodic and nuanced while this one was more ambient/industrial. Made me think of the opening music in Akira with the loud drums. Suburbicon is definitely next on my list...
  9. DJ Projexion


    Saw Blade Runner 2049 over the weekend, I thought it held up pretty well against the original. Overall it had this 80s-90s anime feel to it, definitely traces of Akira in there. The music was fucking amazing.
  10. DJ Projexion

    R.I.P Hugh Hefner

    Anybody catch that Hef series on Amazon? Any good?
  11. DJ Projexion

    What's good to watch these days

    Anybody catch Frank Sobotka and Maury Levy on The Deuce? Nice to see them rolling out more Wire peeps each episode. Vice Principals is back! Should be a good season...
  12. DJ Projexion

    Peeps still digging sample-based beats?

    Only when there's quadruplicate posts about it, you done fucked up now homie. ST Bot gon kick in your front door and smack your moms upside the head for buying generic ass breakfast cereal!
  13. DJ Projexion

    R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

    Dude was an 80s icon, so many great movies in his resume.....Repo Man, Alien, Escape From New York One of my personal favorites was when he played the father in Red Dawn BOYYYS, AVENGE ME! AVEEENGE MEEEE!!! RIP!
  14. DJ Projexion

    What's good to watch these days

    Yeah D'Angelo was the cop and Chris was the pimp whose girl was watching movies with the old dude. Hard to recognize him without the beard.
  15. DJ Projexion

    What's good to watch these days

    I watched the advanced premiere of The Deuce, pretty dope. Reminds me of Ralph Bakshi's early films (Fritz The Cat, Heavy Traffic, etc). Plus it's got two alumni of The Wire (Chris and D'Angelo), not mention the creator of The Wire, David Simon is involved. The story is kind of a scattered mess, it follows various pimps, prostitutes, and other ner-do-wellers in 1971 Times Square. Not sure where they are taking it but from the trailers it looks like all these characters will converge in making porn films? We'll see if it holds up.