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    Mayer signs with Universal

    you guys are tripping. Stones Throw had mayer under contract and SOLD his contract to Universal. Stones throw made a substantial amount of money off this move.
  2. brownbuffalo

    Brazilian Guitar, Fuzz Bananas

    the limited edition is just the jacket folded backwards if you have the regular one you can do this yourself.
  3. brownbuffalo

    Secondhand Sureshots

    i got this in the mail yesterday. package is illin! loving the beats!!!
  4. brownbuffalo

    Madvillian @ WTP pushed back to 2010

  5. brownbuffalo

    Natural Yogurt Band

    you can still get this via jazzman. its a killer killer album.
  6. brownbuffalo

    Omar Rodriguez Lopez (of The Mars Volta) - Old Money

    did the vinyl get delayed??
  7. brownbuffalo

    Madvillainy 2: The Box - Update

    i paid half price for the box set and even that amount seems like a bit much. i am going to keep the whole thing sealed and see what i do with this thing later.
  8. brownbuffalo

    damo & crew

    holy shit nice picture, where was this taken? just saw damo in LA a few weeks back, would love to see them collab.
  9. brownbuffalo

    Peanut Butter Wolf also if you go to and look up the event it has him listed as support
  10. brownbuffalo

    Peanut Butter Wolf

    The Bedlam in San Francisco The First Annual New Years Eve Experience December 31 at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Featuring The Mars Volta (acoustic and electric) The Eternals Peanut Butter Wolf Nobody DJ Dennis (good foot, Long Beach) and surprise special guests The Mars Volta Live Nation is pleased to unveil the festivities for "The Bedlam in San Francisco," the first annual New Years Eve Experience featuring The Mars Volta. Bringing back the classic marathon New Years Eve performances of old, this seven plus hour event includes full concert sets from The Mars Volta (both acoustic and electric), The Eternals, a stunning synchronized video DJ performance by the legendary Peanut Butter Wolf, a gallery showcasing the artwork of Jeff Jordan (The Mars Volta album artist), full DJ sets from Nobody and DJ Dennis, as well as special guest performances. Backed by a custom liquid light display, The Mars Volta are planning a much anticipated, never before seen acoustic set in addition to their full rock concert set. During DJ performances, fans will be treated to a series of short films handpicked by the members of The Mars Volta. A traditional New Years Eve countdown will take place with the band at midnight. Tentative set times are as follows: 8:00pm -Nobody 9:00pm - The Eternals 10:00pm - The Mars Volta Acoustic Set 10:30pm - Peanut Butter Wolf Video Performance 11:30pm - The Mars Volta Electric Set 2:00am - DJ Dennis 3:00am - Peanut Butter Wolf DJ Set
  11. brownbuffalo

    New Years Show

  12. brownbuffalo


    i cannot wait to buy this shit next week.
  13. brownbuffalo

    so, tomorrow is the rescheduled DOOM show in SF

    i was under the impression that the entire tour was canceled. hopefully whoever shows up does more then 20 minutes.