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  1. mo'hammond ali

    Expensive Records

    Almost exactly this. I dropped decent money on Edgar Broughton, Ultimate Spinach and a few others that really mean something significant to me and would do so again, but these days I'm unlikely to spend over £50 on more or less anything. I've done there or thereabouts on limited new release vinyl in the past 12 months (anyone down with Drumetrics/Dirty Drums/MRR-ADM/MHE?) and ultimately ended up moving those records on in favour of getting studio gear with the proceeds. If my choice is records or a Moog, Moog takes it each and every single time.
  2. mo'hammond ali


    I feel like if he and Wiki keep making shit together, sooner or later we're due an absolute classic. Likewise with Lice - the only thing I'm not totally sold on with that is the beats so far.
  3. mo'hammond ali

    Realness Sessions

    Ha! Word! I just re-read my post. It wasn't intended as my grouchy old dude "you young whippersnappers don't know you're born" routine, I was meaning that, whilst the time frame changes, I still have intentions of doing all of the things I envisaged doing when I was in my early 20s. Well, maybe not ALL of the things - some of things I had in mind were just plain foolish...
  4. mo'hammond ali

    Realness Sessions

    Ha - I like the concept of career changes, but I'm not far off 40, I recently nudged the eldest 2 of my 5 kids out of the nest and there's a large part of me that sees "career change" being replaced by "shit I'm going to do when I pay my mortgage off"
  5. mo'hammond ali

    This place

    I'm intrigued by the battles and I do get involved with similar things on another board, but I don't really have a grasp on how they work here yet. Maybe I'll get involved at some point, but I'm more interested in building with likeminded heads. I have Facebook but I use it to interact mainly with friends I know through music - many of whom I either know in person or I met originally through message boards, now I come to think of it. Maybe you're right and forums will eventually go full circle and come back around. I'd dig that a lot.
  6. mo'hammond ali

    This place

    It's difficult not to equate the "golden era" of message boards with the golden era of indie hip-hop releases. I don't mean to seem like a fossil, but I used to understand things then. When getting a release meant pressing vinyl rather than a label putting out your mp3s - it all made a lot more sense then. Whether it was Def Jux and the forum there or Tommy's board with all the Bully Records guys, there was a kind of coherence to it all that seems to be missing these days. Ha - I didn't intend this to be a nostalgia post, honestly!
  7. mo'hammond ali

    Post a picture of your setup

    Not a great picture. Moog Minitaur Arturia Minibrute Arturia Microbrute Korg Volca Keys Maschine Mk1 Moogerfooger MF-101 Soundcraft Compact 4 SL-1210 Mk 2 Vestax 05 Pro III Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Other things I couldn't fit in the pic: guitars, bass, guitar pedals, tape deck, minidisk, Korg Monotron etc.
  8. mo'hammond ali

    This place

    Lol - I'm part of the problem, man. I've created kids who have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm talking about with any of this shit!
  9. mo'hammond ali

    This place

    Word. Like people who sell hardware samplers to replace them with controllers - too much haste. In the long run, being tethered a computer isn't perhaps the ideal scenario many thought it was when they made the switch. Seems like it's too late for boards vs. SM. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - they rely upon transience: being here and then being not; replaced by the next thing; the new thing - always hungry, never satisfied, shouting into the void. I'm not immune to social media - I play the game to a degree and I acknowledge that good thing exist on there, but even the groups that do happen and which seem to promote a longer conversation don't seem to work right.
  10. mo'hammond ali

    This place

    Ha - thanks! I have had a login here since 06, I think it said on my profile. Perhaps the slow nature of the place is why I ended up ultimately not checking in for a year or 7. It's a shame - I remember when message boards used to be the most interesting places on the internet. Ozone music to Def Jukies, D-Styles's board to Controller7, Snatchcon to... well, Snatchcon was pretty much out there on it's own, I guess. I checked in on Soulstrut the other day - didn't recognise the place. Is this what internet-old looks like?
  11. mo'hammond ali

    This place

    People talk in the beat battle forum, but that's about it, right? And participants in beat battles largely (if not entirely) ignore the rest of the board?
  12. mo'hammond ali


    Hunt For The Wilderpeople & then catch up on his older stuff, starting with What We Do In The Shadows. Both on Netflix I think
  13. mo'hammond ali

    Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

    It was these or black AF1s. I'll probably go back for the AF1s too.
  14. mo'hammond ali

    what are you listening to?

  15. mo'hammond ali

    STMB: Where You Been?

    I don't know how many years it's been since I came here but I had messages that were unopened from 7yrs ago...